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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000u-SCADA system (micro-supervisory control and data acquisition system)Sanal Kumar Pannen.
2020UAV back-track in GPS unreliable environmentLi, Zhaonan
2019A UAV classification system based on FMCW radar micro-Doppler signature analysisOh, Beom-Seok; Guo, Xin; Lin, Zhiping
2015UAV for indoor navigation using a single cameraLau, Sin Ye
2015UAV formation flight in outdoor environments (I)Ng, Thiam Poo
2017UAV formation with digital camera (I)Chua, Jia Hao
2017UAV formation with digital cameras (II)Akilan, K.
2022UAV indoor localization fusing IMU UWB and optical flow sensorLiu, Haoran
2018UAV navigation using vision sensor onlyMai, Ky Phong,
2020UAV path checking in an aircraft inspection systemChua, Li Qian
2022UAV precision landing on moving boatZhu, Yanbiao
2021UAV swarm control using low cost commercially off-the-shelf (COTS) droneSoh, Chia Ning
2020UAV swarming with collision avoidance and communication constraintsAbdul Hanif Zaini
2016UAV-borne radar RF transceiver design and testingWang, Zhixiang
2016UAV-borne SAR motion compensation by GPS+IMUHeng, Choon Kian
2011Ubiquitous operating systemLim, Beng Hwa.
2019UDhashing : physical unclonable function-based user-device hash for endpoint authenticationZheng, Yue; Cao, Yuan; Chang, Chip-Hong
2010A UHF omni-directional RFID tag antennaTan, Kevin Kaiwen.
 2013UHF propagation along a cargo hold on board a merchant shipMao, Xiao Hong; Lee, Yee Hui
2022A Ulam's game for video based action recognitionZheng, Haofeng