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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Z-source inverters with enhanced voltage boost for renewable energy systemsLi, Ding
2018Zero desiccant carryover in liquid desiccant dehumidification systemTan, Jasper Kian Ann
2008Zero-based blind channel estimation and equalizationYe, Yun
2000Zero-crossing based compression hearing aidTan, Chin Tuan.
2018Zero-current switching for the alternate arm converter through on-load tap changersWickramasinghe, Harith R.; Konstantinou, Georgios; Pou, Josep
2022Zero-knowledge proof (ZKP)-based blockchains for community microgrid energy sharingHu, Tianbin
2012ZigBee based wireless energy monitoring system (WEMS)Koh, Chun Kiat.
2007Zinc oxide based nanostructures : fabrication, characterization and applicationsYang, Hui Ying
2007Zinc oxide thin films nanostructures metal organic chemical vapor depositionTan, Swee Tiam
2007Zinc oxide ultraviolet light-emitting devices : design and fabricationYuen, Clement
2007Zinc oxide ultraviolet light-emitting devices : design and fabrication.Yuen, Clement.
2016Zinc-air battery energy storage systemHuang, Yi
 2018ZnIn2S4 flowerlike microspheres embedded with carbon quantum dots for efficient photocatalytic reduction of Cr(VI)Liu, Baibai; Liu, Xinjuan; Li, Lei; Li, Jianwei; Li, Can; Gong, Yinyan; Niu, Lengyuan; Zhao, Xinsheng; Sun, Chang Q.
2009ZnO : Cu diluted magnetic semiconductor from pulsed filtered vacuum arc depositionCai, Yao Dong
2014ZnO and rare earth nanoparticles embedded in SiO2 matrix (ZnO-nc: Eu3+SiO2)Koh, Amelia Jiamin
 2012ZnO Meso-Mechano-Thermo physical chemistryLi, Jianwei; Ma, Shouzhi; Liu, Xinjuan; Zhou, Zhaofeng; Sun, Changqing
2009ZnO nanostructure growth and its application in light-emitting diodesHnin Lwin Lwin Aye.
2014A ZnTaOx based resistive switching random access memoryZheng, K.; Zhao, J. L.; Leck, K. S.; Teo, K. L.; Yeo, E. G.; Sun, X. W.
 2012Zone-selective photoelectronic measurements of the local bonding and electronic dynamics associated with the monolayer skin and point defects of graphiteSun, Changqing; Nie, Yanguang; Pan, Jisheng; Zhang, Xi; Ma, S. Z.; Wang, Yan; Zheng, Weitao
2023Zooming in and out of photograph: image interpolation and decimationSivaramalingam Thejesvi