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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1992Analysis of labour turnover of the bankng industry in SingaporeChong, William Kim Khong; Tan Siew Ngi; Tham, David Fook Thai
1992Analytical review of the commercial banking sector in SingaporeChang, Chia Fun; Chong, Zerlinda I-Uen; Wee, Jane Bee Pheng
1992Arbitrage opportunities in index futuresOng, Yew Meng; Goh, Hong Chye; Lim, Chee Kok
1992Atms in SingaporeChang, Julianna May Ching; Tan, Pheng Pheng; Teo, Siew Pheng
1992Automated teller machines in SingaporeSoh, Yong Chee; Phua, Alice Loo Huay; Tan,Yang Leng
1992Banks' marketing strategies towards the undergraduate marketAng, May Pheng; Ang, Hwee Koon; Tan, Elaine Wee Gek
1992Comparative reinsurance practices of composite insurance companies in relation to domestic business and their selection criteria of reinsurersSia, Wan Ling; Tan, Lip Boon; Yeo, Bee Eng
1992Concept of product, price, promotion, placeVoo, Siew Cheng; Toh, Cheryl Kim See; Hong, Benjamin Yan Ben
1992Corporate culture and organizational effectiveness in the financial sectorSeow, Ashley Chuan Beng
1992Cost of credit of some financial instruments in SingaporeLee, Yong Ming; Tan, Siew Ching; Yew, Josephine Hui Ling
1992Debt collection: creditors' perspectiveChiang, Irene Ming Chee; Pang, Sok Fung; Chiu, Shin Tung
1992Development of the unit trust industry in SingaporeChew, Loo Hoon; Liew, I-Ling; Ong, Mui Lan
1992Developments in the consumer banking sectorChan, Yvonne Lai Cheng; Lim, Pei Fong; Pung, Ying Shin
1992Econometric analysis of Singapore's export performance in the 1980sTan, Tok Seng; Wong, Yuen Hin; Ong, Alvin Su Meng
1992Empirical test of type II errors on bankruptcy prediction models in the Singapore contextYeo, Chee Tiong; Ng, Poh Sin; Goh, See Lim
1992Evaluation of paper-based payment methods in SingaporeChan, Loke Yee; Kwok, Puay San; Lim, Ng Chin
1992An evaluation of the effectiveness and adequacy of a company's training programmes to meet its needs for skilled workersGoh, June Mei Ching
1992Exchange market pressure and the central bank policy: the Singapore caseLui, Yim Lin; Wee, Hui Ching; Wong, Kwai Fong
1992Exploring the impacts of 1987 nwc's wage reform recommendation on the profit sharing practices in electronics companiesS.Sreedevi, Nair; Lui, Mee Keow; Ow Yang, Ngan Li
1992Financial services provided by banks to senior citizens of SingaporeLoo, Deborah; Tan, Li Choo; Norshirin Sulaiman