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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1993Analysis of brand loyalty for consumer durables - carsChia, Huey Sim
1993Analysis of tourist' choice of destinationCheng, Tsui Lui; Chew, Linda Wan Peng; Neo, Angela Guat Theng
1993Bank settlement plan SingaporeLim, Hiok Joo; Lim, Constance Tai Wei; Tan, Siew Kian
1993Bank settlement plan SingaporeLim, Hiok Joo; Lim, Constance Tai Wei; Tan Siew Kian
1993Case study of the promotional aspects of Cold Storage supermarketLim, Yvonne Siew Hoon
1993Computerization of the accounting and job costing system in the construction industry : Inhibitors and facilitatorsChing, Hui Leng
1993Consumer behaviour : beer drinking in SingaporeGoh, Kia Lin; Lim, Bee Ling; Poh, Pei Shee
1993Consumers ' choice of credit/charge cardLim, Susan Gim Peng; Low Wee Choo
1993Credit cards in SingaporeGan, Sok Keng; Lee Sock Bee; Teo Min Chii
1993Electronic baking and consumer protectionChen, Siong Soon
1993Empirical research on the SES price : volume relationshipHeng, Juat Kim; Kwan, Lai Kuan; Wee, Magdaline Siou Leng
1993Empirical study of the determinants of small and medium electronics and electrical components manufacturers export decisions and their export performanceLam, Siew Hwa; Lee, Pui Kuan; Low, Linda Hwee Theng
1993Environmental audit in SingaporeChua, Boon Hua
1993Evaluation model for accounting software packagesLim, Huey Ping; Phua, Audrey Chay Yen; Yeong, Wei Wei
1993Export credit insurance corporation of SingaporeChiang, Yim Teng
1993Female entrepreneurs in SingaporeChia, Iris; Lam, Elaine Su Yen; Tan, Alicia Ai Hua
1993Health insurance in SingaporeChua, Bee Tin
1993Impact of different accounting treatments on the performances of three companies in Singapore, United states and Japan.Chew, Suan Lui
1993Insurance needs of individuals in SingaporeAng, Yee Hia
1993Introducing a change process to a local wholesale/retail trading companyLoh, Wai Leng; Tan, Gek Hoon; Tan, Hwee Ling