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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Acceptance of cybershopping with the introduction of secure electronic transactions (SET) protocol.Leong, Lynn Yi Ni.; Tay, Ashley Geok Hui.; Quek, May Mei Yin.
1998Advertising ethics.Tay, Stephanie Shen Yi.; Lek, Hui Ngee.; Choi, Yat Keen.
1998An analysis and comparison of Asia Pacific funds offered by local and foreign assets management companies.Koh, Hoe Yoke.; Kong, Wai May.; Lim, Hong Choo.
1998Analysis of a client's marketing strategies for a product and designing a better one for client.Koh, Li Peng.; Lee, Li Lian.; Tan, Justina.
1998Analysis of business/management communication course curriculum in top universities in Asia, Australia and New Zealand.Lye, Sook Wan.; See, Yew Jin.; Tan, Veronica Suan Eng.
1998An analysis of Singapore's life insurance industry's growth potential and its future outlook.Chia, Chor Koon.; Wong, Kian Kok.; Yip, Weng Foo.
1998An analysis of the publicity efforts of the Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC).Lee, Audrey Yen Pheng.; Koh, Pearlyn Siew Lin.
1998An analysis of the study habits of students in tertiary institutions.Koh, Hong Eng.; Tan, Wei Ling.
1998Bank service quality : a comparative study of Singaporean and American banksPeh, Kok Heng; Tan, Elaine Ee Lian; Tan, Adrian Tzer-Shiong
1998Bank switching behaviour of local graduates in SingaporeLim, Susan; Neo, Mei Hwee; Tan, Kar Leng
1998Banknote collecting - an investment or just a hobby?Chua, Jessica Pei Lee.; Goh, Koon Hao.; Teo, Yong Ping.
1998Beach resort development in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.Tan, Cindy Wen Li.; Goh, Jin Hong.; Teh, Sock Har.
1998Benefits of client/server financials in Singapore an early report card.Lim, Chong Hong.; Sim, Hoe Soon.; Yeo, Yew Teck.
1998Bias in newspaper reporting : a comparative content analysis on the coverage of Jiang's visit to the United States by the Straits Times and Lianhe ZaobaoHo, Lai Kay; Tan, Ai Cheng
1998Budgeting - Case study on two local organisations.Goh, Ser Chon.; Sia, Lin Hsiung.; Tan, Harrison Hong Ching.
1998Building a technopolis - a critical analysis of Malaysia's multimedia super corridor.Chua, Yang Boon.; Kang, Leng Lay.; Tan, Fei Ling.
1998Business confidence of Singapore businessman in Hong Kong after 01 July 1997 : has it changed?Boon, Choon Kiat; Lam, Kevin Yenn Khan; Tan, Bee Kuan
1998Capital flight : the Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines experienceChia, Wei Kiang; Neo, Mei Ling; Kwong-Chip Tsang Tchinz Keem
1998Car-sharing scheme : is it feasible?Gan, Sok Fun; Soh, Chui Li; Tan, Hui Boon
1998Case study : Cybercure - a project by KK Women's and Children's Hospital.Sng, Janet Bee Yen.