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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999The 1997 Asian currency crisisCheok, Mei Fang; Lai, Hung Yin; Lee, Han Hwee
19991998 third annual survey on the risk management practices of unit trusts in Singapore.Koh, Mei Yin.; Tan, Kenneth Toon Ming.; Yong, Khang Hou.
1999Accounting for investments in Singapore.Foo, Jinny Chen Nee.; Phua, Chen Chen.; Teo, Cheng Har.
1999Accounting information in financial statements of Malaysia's listed companies : application of factor analysis.Chan, Mei Ling.; Khisi Gisele Tjan.; Loh, Wai San.
1999Acculturation and adaptation : orientation program for exchange students.Ho, Francis Shi Yen.; Mohd Shamady Matnin.; Sum, Tabitha Wei Ching.
1999Acquisitions : do they work?Chong, Cheu Hsia.; Foo, Hui Chiun.; Yong, Siew Chin.
1999Adoption of electronic commerce by the small and medium enterprises for business-to-business dealings.Chua, Khoon Hui.; Ng, Dennis Chia Hong.; Tan, Suan Meng.
1999Ageing and long term care in Singapore.Cheah, Chin Han.; Chew, Su Yi.; Wong, George Chung Ming.
1999Alive : a photojournalistic approach to a welfare organisation's online presence.Siew, Alfred.; Khoo, Hedy.; Lee, Cherng Siang.
1999An alternative common currency for Asean trade.Ho, Li Hwei.; Ow, Eng Hwee.; Wun, Sandie Yuk Yee.
1999Amplified : promotion of a music web siteJiang, Genevieve Hui Mei; Ng, Hwee Koon; Tan, Xui Fen
1999Analysing cycles in equity prices.Ng, Lee Huang.; Tan, Meow Koon.; Toh, Kai Leng.
1999Analysing the market potential for a cafe business in a neighbourhood shopping centreCheong, Kenneth Swee Sze; Kam, Rhu Wei; Phang, Huey Wen
1999Analysis of audit fee determinants : the Singapore perspective.Lee, Pui Hoon.; Ng, Choon Guat.; Yeo, Li Ping.
1999An analysis of Singapore Telecom annual reports : a communications perspectiveAng, Terence Keng Seng; Chow, Wai Keong; Lee, Kin Meng
1999An analysis of the skill requirements for Information Technology (IT) professionals in Singapore.Heng, Juliana Wee Suan.; Low, C Amie.; Low, Hwee Ling.
1999Analysis of the Thai banking crisis.Chew, Alvin Siong Yew.; Huang, Hongmei.; Oh, Soo Hwee.
1999An analysis of viewer's preferences that may affect the appreciation of a situation comedy.Tan, Su Shian.
1999Applications of share ratios in Singapore.Foo, Shan Shan.; Tan, Chiew Yen.; Yeo, Keng Leong.
1999ASEAN - China trade rivalry in international markets.Sim, Vivian Su Sze.; Hirdawathi Mohamed.