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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20001999 annual survey of the risk management practices of the unit trusts in Singapore.Lim, Su Fei.; Lim, Wee Kiat.; Yeo, Patrick Boon Ping.
20001999 study on the profile of individual investors in Singapore.Chiang, Jen Yuan.; Chong, Hwee Ling.; Hon, Sze Yee.
2000Adversity quotient : the effects of environment and personality.Heng, Aik Yeow.; Tan, Mervin Boon Teck.; Yeo, Benny.
2000Aeronautic giants of the new millennium : strategic competitiveness of five major players.Soh, Carine Geok Khim.; Tan, Joyce Sui Tin.; Tan, Cheryl Si Ning.
2000Ageing population and the question of long-term care in Singapore.Lim, Sei Thieng.; Lee, Lay Fong.; Tan, Soo Ting.
2000Alternative bid - ASK spread estimation models : a test on SGX NIKKEI futures.Lim, Desmond.; Loh, Desmond Tjit Leong.
2000Analysing cycles in stock price indices using fast fourier transform.Chong, Audrey Yu Shan.; Chua, Chee Wee.; Tan, Chye Teck.
2000Analysis of control process structure on information systems project performance.Chia, James Chee Chong.; Tan, Hwei Min.; Yip, Sin Chi.
2000An analysis of earnings and dividend forecasts.Khor, Su Yin.; Low, Say Ping.; See, Wei Pei.
2000Analysis of gap 1 in Hotel Inter-ContinentalEe, Celine Seet Ling; Tan, Puay Jean; Teo, Gary Khong Hui
2000Analysis of motorcycle accidents in Singapore.Kow, Yuen Ting.; Tan, Cheong Hwai.; Tay, Wi Keng.
2000Analysis of porfolio selection techniques.Tan, Yvonne Yi Woen.; Tang, Sophia Yen Wern.
2000An analysis of service recovery strategies for single and double deviation scenarios in the Singapore retail banking sector.Lee, Valerie Puay May.; Lim, Yvette Wei Chiah.; Ng, Sharon Hui Hsien.
2000Analysis of Singapore Airlines' advertising campaign : 1996 to 1999Chiu, Kar Wee; Lee, Susan Siang Ting; Ng, Chiew Yen
2000Analysis of stock option scheme.Seow, Yee Leng.; Yeo, Connie.; Yong, Helen Li Shien.
2000Analysis of system success factors among end users In Singapore.Goh, Kok Yeow.; Ho, Kok Wah.; Goh, Marvin Chien Chern.
2000Analysis of the amendments to the Indonesian bankruptcy law.Koh, Hsiao Ling.; Lim, Kian Khoon.; Lim, Ping Ping.
2000An analysis of the unemployment structure in Singapore.Tan, Cindy Su Mei.; Tan, Tze Yu.
2000Analysis of unit trusts performance in Singapore.Tan, Chun Chiah.; Tan, Yong Hong.; Tay, York Hiem.
2000Analysis on electronic banking in Singapore.Lim, Sok Hoon.; Tan, Lay Choo.; Tan, Seok Chin.