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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Accountancy Professional Program : a guide to student choice.Lim, Chia Chia.; Chua, Wei Zhen.; Kuhadas, Dinesh.
2001Accounting corporations in Singapore.Cho, Kelly Ling Ling.; Kek, Benjamin I Song.; Lee, Sharon Tzin.
2001Accounting disclosure practices in Singapore-listed companies.Kang, Chun Phin.; Moi, Sok Kuan.; Soh, Andrew Yin Kiat.
2001Accounting for generation X.Lim, Jit Mei.; Tee, Wey Lih.; Xu, Carol Shi Wan.
2001Accounting for intellectual capital in the new economy.Hue, Wai Meng.; Ng, Tee Yong.; Tan, Choon Chieh.
2001Adolescent gullibility towards advertisementsHoe, Angela Li Ling; Aung, Denise Wei Li; Low, Wee Siong
2001Affect on effectiveness of Singtel TV ads.Koh, Chat Mein.; Lim, Ee Hwe.; Ng, Puay Tiang.
2001American put-call parity arbitrage : Nikkei 225 index futures and options (intraday bid-ask quotation from Jan-Oct 2000).Tan, Yew Yuan.; Tay, Boon Kiang.
2001Analysis of commercial banks' home mortgage in SingaporeIndriana Tirtamaya; Lim, Mui Choi; Lim, Windy Tee Win
2001Analysis of critical success factors for broad-based employee stock options plan (BESOP) in local banks.Liao, Jia Yu.; Seow, Yuet Ying.; Teo, Puay Tin.
2001Analysis of financial needs for retirement in Singapore.Chng, Tyng Tyng.; Tan, Yuet Jin.; Tang, Wye Ling.
2001Analysis of IMF aid packages during the Asian financial crisis.Tan, Joyce Meng Hui.; Tan, Clarissa Lay Yong.; Nur Siti Hikmah Mamat.
2001Analysis of the accuracy, bias and rationality of profit forecasts in IPO prospectuses.Tan, Keng Hoon.; Tay, Aaron Chee Hsien.; Yong, Li Wei.
2001An analysis of the competitive structure of the mobile phone market in Singapore.Ho, Hui Fung.; Pang, Theresa Lai Yee.
2001Analysis of the potential of the Web advertising market.Chong, Yan Sin.; Yoh, Li Ching.; Tan, Michelle Su Jen.
2001Analysis of the service quality of SLRT from the commuters' perspective.See Toh, Khan Horng.; Teo, Kai Hiong.; Cheng, Boon Khee.
2001Analysis of the Triple Helix model and Cabral-Dahab Paradigm in the context of Singapore Science Park.Chiang, Yin La.; Leong, Kelly Chee Mun.; Tan, Wei Cheng.
2001Analysis on financial instruments used by professionals in Singapore for retirement planning.Ngoh, Seng Kee.; Toh, Su Ping.; Wong, Sin Huey.
2001Analyzing the performance of unit trusts in Singapore.Lee, Serene Soo Ching.; Ong, Nathalie Shin Leei.; Tay, Linda Mei Hong.
2001Applicability of traditional methods on evaluating new economy stocks : a critical studyNg, Kenneth; Tang, Chek Keng; Wai, Raymond Wee Wah