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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
200210 task retail service process : a model of customer service excellenceLow, Brendan Shun Wei; Tey, Jack Kie; Siregar Sherwin Parulian Tien
2002The 2000 dotcom crash and the lessons for Singapore dotcoms.Goh, Cheow Khoon.; Tan, Boon Ping.; Teng, Siew King.
2002Accounting for employee stock options in Singapore.Lim, Chong Chong.; Tan, Chong Hoe.; Tan, Lee Yuen.
2002Accounting for loan loss provisions by Singapore banks : opportunistic behavior or conservative accounting policy.Tan, Hui Ying.; Chan, Rouh Ting.; Woo, Pui Yu.
2002Accounting treatment and taxable income.Ng, Hui Fang.; Ng, Kwee Fung.; Shum, Jia Min.
2002Accuracy and biasness of financial analysts.Low, Jo Fan.; Tan, Chor Jin.; Tan, Poh Ling.
2002Acquisition of OUB : evaluation of DBSH's and UOB's offer.Lee, Yien Ching.; Lim, Yuak Sin.
2002Activate culture rooted minds by music.Goh, Chen Peng.; Kwek, Aileen Meei Huey.; Tan, Hui Ping.
2002Ad-hoc resort development in Phuket : a case comparisonBoh, Hui Ling; Cheng, Ngee Lee; Chew, Hui Yen
2002Adequacy of CPF for retirement.Hue, Tai Ling.; Lee, Yun Pei.; Lim, Joseph Teng Hong.
2002Adoption of electronic government services in business organizations in Singapore.Wong, Ellen Pui San.; Yeo, Su Min.
2002Ageing in Singapore : causes, implications and solutions.Chin, Mabel Ying Ying.; Koh, Jolene.; Toh, Li Ying.
2002Analysis of captive insurance on parent companiesKaiellvizlhe Sadasivam; Kavitree Seevathian; Marie Ludivine E. Monneron
2002Analysis of customer satisfaction with traditional, electronic and Internet banking.Goh, Flora Pei Yin.; Lin, Qing Hua.; Ong, Ai Ling.
2002Analysis of dot com : manangement's perspective.Loh, Jacinth Phuay Kee.; Quek, Jasmine Chui Lyn.; Wong, Eva Pui Ling.
2002Analysis of Internet penetration in the newly industrialised countries.Tan, Kwee Lin.; Ong, Almeric Fu Min.
2002Analysis of IT job advertisements for Singapore and the United States.Cheong, Lilian Li Mei.; Seow, Jason Boon Chiang.; Ser, Boon Hui.
2002Analysis of NTUC Fairprice's changing competitive strategies and its supporting human resource functionsAng, Chin Heng; Teo, Wee Peng; Phua, Yung Keat
2002Analysis of portfolio optimization model.Ng, Sze Sze.; Soong, Jane Hui Ling.; Tay, Sabrina Hui Jun.
2002Analysis of the contribution of financial analysts to the Singapore stock market.Cheok, Shu Ting.; Ngo, Pei San.; Wee, Grace.