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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Acceptability of features of electronic interlocutory writingAng, Hooi Sin; Chiah, James Chi Yang; Sia, Su Chun
2003Accounting based measurements with regards to investors' reactions to M&A : an empirical study to establish profile of target firms.Chan, Priscilla Jia Hui.; Tan, Hui Si.; Xu, Jingyi.
2003Accounting scandals : the Enron caseLee, Sharon Ai Jia; Ma, Huilin; Peh, Xin Ni
2003Acquisition of OUB by UOB.Ong, Lay Leng.; Tay, Choon Sian.; Wong, Boon Kiat.
2003Action/inaction and regret : is closeness the moderating effect of regret?Chua, Li Bing.; Leong, Wan Bin.; Leong, Yew Bin.
2003Actuarial and finance applications of markov chains : a surveyAng, Kok Khoon; Hadikusuma, Irma
2003Acturial analysis of effect of low yield on non-par insurance products.Lee, Zi Wei.; Ong, Hwee Keng.; Poh, Cai Ying.
2003Adam in heelsLeong, Tarn Meng; Low, Siok Hwee; Teo, Jasmine Hui Shyen; Yan, Kit Ying
2003Adequacy of CPF savings and other retirement issues.Ng, Janice Ching Xin.; Tan, Boon Tian.; Tse, Benjamin Sheng Ren.
2003Adjusted MVA : enhancing the fundamental approach to higher share returns.Loh, Emily Wei Xian.; Tan, Sean Wing Boon.; Teo, Kelvin Soo Meng.
2003Adoption of security measures for internet banking in Singapore.Lee, Liang Neng.; Lye, Wei Zhi.; Tan, Christina Chee Chin.
2003Air crash : is this an end to it.Woo, Xui Ying.; Wu, Yingshan.; Seah, Hui Jun.
2003Analysis of distribution strategies employed in the retail sector.Fu, Ruihui.; Tan, Selin Ying Ying.; Tang, Mei Ling.
2003Analysis of recent merger and acquisition activities in Singapore : predictive of near-term outlook?Tan, Benjamin Siong Guan.; Ng, Chong Seng.; Zhou, Zan Dingdi.
2003Analysis of the impact of an increase in goods and services tax (GST) in SingaporeHeng, Audrey Yue Li; Lok, Kai Ling; Pang, Peibin
2003Analysis of the underlying financial structure of listed manufacturing firms in Singapore.Lim, Chin Hong.; Ng, Ee Wan.; Tan, Wah Ching.
2003Analysis of whether fund managers add value to their investment portfolios and the resulting implications on the efficient market hypothesis in SingaporeVikna Rajah Thambirajah; Tham, Tracy May Si; Iriana Halim
2003Antecedents and outcomes of team processes.Kuan, Tjian Titus.; Lee, Cheng Seok.; Lee, Jacqueline Xian Min.
2003Application of intelligent agent for marketing intelligence in B2B environment.Lee, Jenny.; Seah, Liyan.; Wu, Kai Yi.
2003Ascend : a documentary on rock climbing.Liaw, Peiru.; Soh, Angeline Ai Ling.; Tan, Jessica Cheng Peng.