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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Acceptability of online music distribution in Singapore.Tan, Hui Feng.; Ling, Wai Yee.; Sim, Angeline Miao Ling.
2005Accessing service quality in university education.Koh, Pamela Si Jia.; Lim, Aileen Chiu Ling.; Wang, Ying.
2005Active portfolio management model with exchange-traded options.Chan, Wei Wen.; Ng, Jun Hao.; Pek, Bee Lian.
2005Adequacy of Singapore social security system for the elderly : a comparative study with four other countries.Lee, Sin Han.; Ong, Zhi Hao.; Soh, Seok Gek.
2005Adequacy of the Central Provident Fund as a retirement toolEng, Terence Guo Guang; Tay, Zi Yang; Tee, Shirley Wee Woon
2005Adoption of Wi-Fi hotspots in Singapore : a test of modified TAM modelsLim, Clifford Kok Leong; Tan, Raymond Kok Peng; Zhang, Haodong
2005Against the tideFarah Iqbal; Foo, Soo Hian; Tan, Wee Liang; Xaisongkham, Induangchanthy
2005Airline industry in the Asian Pacific market from the perspective of Singapore.Chen, Cheryl Shu Fen.; Chew, Shi Yun.; Siew, Melissa Xue Yan.
2005Alliances of networks & networks of alliances; international cooperation in mobile telecommunicationsChen, Yinzhi; Haneesa Habib; Xiao, Junzheng
2005Analysis and evaluation of China's banking reforms (1978-2006)Chan, Alvin Wai Keong; Chua, Stephanie Wan Nee; Teo, Li Hui
2005Analysis of HDB's role in National Development.Chew, Anne Wan Chuan.; Lin, Clarence Zhi Xiong.; Wu, Jacqueline Li Shan.
2005Analysis of Singapore as an international conference destination in Southeast Asia.Saw, Shue Nee.; Pang, Tsz Ning.; Wong, Twee Xiang.
2005Analysis of the capital structure across United States, Tokyo and Singapore.Koh, Ting Wei.; Lim, Stephanie Shi Huay.; Wong, Wanru.
2005Analysis of the regional airline industry : a game theoretic approach.Lee, Hui Jia.; Lee, Rachel Shu Zhen.; Lim, Wei Qi.
2005Antecedents and consequences of decisions to venture overseas : the case of Singapore SMEs.Lei, Fiona Limin.; Looi, Jamie Pei Pei.; Lim, Valerie Wanzhen.
2005Application of game theory-communication and cooperationAng, Ru Ping; Lee, Chia Yan; Liew, Dewei
2005Arts journalism in Singapore : a study of arts coverage in the Straits Times from 1995 to 2003.Cheong, Li Wei.; Ow, Ying Jun.; Lee, Pereira Marcel.
2005Asian crisis : balance sheet restructuring : a look at corporate restructuring and deleveraging in various industriesM. Nazirin; Tay, Zhu Jun; Wong, Wanyi
2005Attraction strategies for the unsought services industry : case on the automobile repair and servicing industry.Soh, See Woon.; Ong, Yen Pin.; Tay, Joyce Yong Yong.
2005Audit committee characteristics and bank earnings management.Low, Vincent Yong Hoe.; Ng, Jocelyn Lin Yu.; Zhou, Serene Jingfen.