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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20082007 revised competitveness ranking of Indian States and Union territories with relative competitiveness indices of 66 economies of China and IndiaLee, Szu Yung; Pham, Ai Minh Ha; Vu, Minh Huong
2008Africans in Singapore : black in the red dot.Margareta Astaman.; Wong, Vivienne Hui Wen.; Belelwa Thando Makina.; Sri Ranjini Mei Hua.
2008Analysis of alternative energy sources and their impact on shippingChia, Ting Ting.; Wee, Jun Xiang.; Munira P. A Abdulla Kunhi.
2008Analysis of candlestick charts in the Tokyo stock exchange.Khoo, Belinda Geck Sin.; Ng, Jennifer Soo Ern.; Ng, Mei Hui.
2008Analysis of CPF policy changes : new interest rates policy and investment restrictionsCai, Janice Qina; Lee, Tang Chi; Toh, Cen Wei
2008An analysis of door-to-door service by shipping linesAng, Zhi Qian; Hou, Wan Yi; Loh, Hui Shan
2008Analysis of tanker freight market and forecasting of future market movementBao, Lin Ye; Xu, Peng; Zhang, You Wen
2008Applying strategic management to a family - based small medium enterprise : a case study on Yip Fung Tranding CoCeminata Salim; Henri Sentosa; Kwa Temmy Susanta; Poh, Zhong Hong
2008Assessing the expectation and perception of international students in Singaopre higher education.Goh, May Feng.; Koh, Mui Ngee.; Zhao, Huiping.
2008Assessment of Singapore's attractiveness as a M.I.C.E destination.Seet, Ivy Pei Shan.; Li, Zhenhui.; Toh, Kee Mun.
2008Assessment of the competitiveness of ports as bunkering hubs : a case study of Singapore and ShanghaiChen, Desiree Wanli.; Cheng, Fan.; Wong, Kevin Hui Shiung.
2008Asset management system for KB Associates Pte LtdTan, Cecilia Soo Yi; Wei, Kat Xiuqing; Zhang, Chris Mei Yun
2008Attracting and retaining volunteers in tertiary institutional welfare clubs in SingaporeNurul Ain Abdul Majid; Tai, Inez Xun Yi; Zhang, Shaozhen
2008Attractiveness of beach resort models for formal and informal commerce : a comparative study between Patong Beach and Laguna Phuket, Thailand.Ng, Guan Ling.; Tham, See Yee.; Loh, Shu Xuan.
2008Away from home.Foo, Shu Yi.
2008Balik Kampung : a journalism feature.Chiang, Gracia Yun Jia.; Ho, Derrick Zhi Wen.; Lin, Sharon Shiwei.
2008Bilateral trade between Vietnam and China and its impact on Vietnam's economy.Tran, Hang Tam.; Goh, Annabelle Yu Mei.; Chia, Hock Chee.
2008Bio-magnetic nanoparticles based electrochemical immunosensorShazzharif Shamsudin.
2008Bread Industry of Singapore.Leong, Valerie Yi Seen.; Tan, Maybeline Yun Wen.; Chen, Huifang.
2008Building and implementing information systems : order manager system (FMC Technologies).Lim, Jun Liang.; Teo, Aaron Kee Yong.; Teo, Zixiang.