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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20091-D settlement characteristics of compacted residual soilsLu, Yitan.
20091-D settlement characteristics of unsaturated soilsLi, Bing.
20091965 年后新加坡小学华文课本中的儿童文学选材研究 = A study of materials selection of children’s literature found in Singapore primary chinese textbooks since 1965钱宝来 Chee, Poh Lai
20092D animation : the great haul.Ng, Liu Zhen.
20092D phase unwrapping systemLee, Benjamin Juyi.
20093 dimensional rain visualisation toolTeo, Xingyuan.
200930 x 30 : visual branding in trashFarhana, Ja'afar
20093D builder interactive construction of buildings from aerial imagesChew, Magdeline Bee Kim.
20093D cadastre in SingaporeYip, Manson Ming Shun.
20093D face modeling from image sequenceLiu, Xiaoyu.
20093D mediaZheng, Nicholas Haowen.
20093D photographingHadi, Halim Suroso
20093D reconstruction and visualization of medical images : computed tomographyTee, Yvonne Qiying.
20093D simulation of hard spheres in thermal boundaryAng, Han Wee
20093D technology for mobile robotNguyen, Quang Ngoc.
20093D visualization of the joints using MR images.Huang, Grace Manjun.
20093D web gameTan, Lynn Wenjing.
2009$500 credit card : a win-win situation for Singaporean undergraduates & banks? : an experimental studyLai, Winnie Lihui; Low, Ru Yan; Phua, Jiun Hoe
20097 daily objects.Lin, Cheryl Jia Hui.
2009911 事件后的中美关系 :非传统安全的视角 = Post-911 Sino-U.S. relations : in views of non-traditional security庄慧君 Chng, Hui Jun