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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010100 news @ wall projectionSun, Zhongyinan
2010A 12-bit ultra-low power analog to digital converter design for an infrared imaging systemLiu, Shao Tao.
2010135 gigahertz microstrip patch antenna designLin, Zi Xian.
20101920年代台湾知识分子运动对民族意识的影响 = The influence of the intellectual movements on nationalism in Taiwan in the 1920’s谢佩婷 Xie, Peiting
20102 sides : an audio production and promotional campaign seeking to raise awareness of bipolar disorder and mental illness among Singapore youth.Cho, Chui Wai.; Lee, Reina Xiu Mei.; Teo, Fiona Hooi-Nhar.; Wang, Wei Yang.
201020 questions website for kidsHu, Ze.
20102009 competitiveness rankings of 31 Mainland China, 34 Greater China, 66 China-India and 79 Asian economies.Huang, Pei Si.; Koh, Delphine Yu Ping.; Yeo, Jing Wei.
20102009 competitiveness rankings of ASEAN-10 and 79 Asian economies.Ho, Yew Kuan.; Huang, Huiying.; Wong, Andy Jing Hon.
20102009 revised economic competitiveness of 35 Indian states and union territories with relative competitiveness indices of ASEAN China and India economies.Chia, Kian Yin.; Goh, Wan Ling.; Ong, Ghim Gin.
20102D mobile barcodeLi, Zheng Jie
20102D touchless fingerprint verification systemSheng, Xiu Juan.
20102D vs. 3D cell culture systemsBindal, Ishita.
20103 days grace.Tan, Kenny Seah Hiang.; Lee, Ke Xin.; Peng, Joseph Wee How.; Chung, Andy Xu Yong.
20103- and 5-year-olds' development of mental states understanding : a preliminary analysis of their daily conversation.Lee, Sharon Song Song.
2010360 degree vision based sensor network for multi-target trackingChan, Alvin Han Shen.
20103D audio using directional sound systemYip, Kam Loong.
20103D graphics application/game on mobile phone IISu, Qin.
20103D graphics application/game on mobile phone IIIRenaldo Lianto.
20103D mixed reality interactive interfacePan, Seng Tat
20103D modelling using digital cameraChong, Yeow Koon.