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20212019 新型冠状病毒病作为 "黄祸论" 的延续 :以世界卫生组织、 美国、中国与新加坡作为研究对象 = Covid-19 as a continuation of the “Yellow Peril Theory” in the context of World Health Organisation, United States of America, China and Singapore王悦琦 Ong, Sophia Geok Kee
202021世纪中国电影英雄的塑造 = The making of a 21st century China film hero佘曜丞 Seah, Walter Yao Chen
2011“Auntie Lucy” 男扮女装的操弄策略 = Manipulative strategy of "Auntie Lucy" 's cross-dressing郭思慧 Quek, Ser Hwee
2019Body, gender and sex : a study of sexual normativity and deviances in Indian Buddhist community (middle period)Lee, Thomas Ming Zhi
2019TOY肥料厂经典新编戏剧中的翻译策略 :以《咏蟹花》中的诗为例 = Translation strategies of old tales retold in Toy Factory’s plays : a study on the translation of the poems in The Crab Flower Club江玮婷 Kang, Wei Ting
2019T计划 :跨性别者的异托邦空间 = The T project : a transgender heterotopic space符弼钧 Foo, Pi Gin
2020一个马华作家的自觉 :黎紫书《告别的年代》的解构意识 = The consciousness of Malaysian Chinese writer : deconstruction in Li Zishu’s Gao Bie De Nian Dai (An age of farewell)沈佳乐 Sem, Jia Le
2021一首 "长恨" "长" 又 "恨" :《长恨歌》作为 "新乐府" 的解读 = The eternalised hatred of ‘The Song of Everlasting Hatred’ : from the perspective of the ‘YueFu’ movement曾思慧 Chew, Si Hui
2018丘壑寄怀抱 :赵孟頫《鹊华秋色图》与其题跋研究 = Aspirations within mountains and valleys : a study on Zhao Meng Fu’s the autumn colours on the Que and Hua mountains painting and its colophon林恩齐 Lim, Jasline En Qi
2020东南亚冷战时期的美国势力 :从亚洲基金会档案看新马的《学生周报》(1954-1965) = The American forces during Southeast Asia cold war : a case Study of Singapore & Malaya’s “Student Weekly” (1954–1965) from the perspective of the archives of the Asia Foundation严靖怡 Yam, Chiang Yee
2019中华传统文化在新加坡奄奄一息的危机 :电视剧《红白囍事》案例研究 = The imminent crisis of Chinese traditional culture in Singapore : a case study of drama series “New Beginnings”詹韻璇 Cham, Vanessa Yunn Shyuan
2021"中华胶不胶?" :从媒体留言分析探讨马来西亚华人的对中立场 = Sinophobia or Sinophilia? Discussing the identity confusion among Malaysian Chinese : based on the comments analysis李政辉 Lee, Chan Hui
2018中国东北人移民新加坡后的语言变化及其社会意义 = Study of the language changes of Chinese Northeastern immigrants as a socio-linguistic Indicator in Singapore李思 Li, Si
2021中国大陆文化软实力对台湾政治安全的影响 :以偶像养成类综艺选秀节目为案例分析 = The influence of mainland China’s cultural soft power on Taiwan's political security : a case study on idol survival variety programmes王凯义 Ong, Kai Yi
2019中国底层诗人在文坛的影响 :以余秀华的诗歌为例 = A Chinese poet’s impact in the literary world : study of Yu Xiuhua’s poems蔡銘莉 Chua, Meng Lee
2020中国改编神话题材动画电影的策略与影响 :以<西游记之大圣归来> 与 <哪吒之魔童降世> 为例 = The strategy and influences of China’s animated films mythological adaptation – using examples of Monkey King : Hero is back and Ne Zha : I am the destiny张绍华 Zhang, Shaohua
2021中国移民的负面形象 :移民过程真实性与国家政治需求的探析 = Negative perceptions of the Chinese immigrants : an analysis of the process of immigration and the political needs of the country郭美辰 Quek, Genevieve Mei Chen
2020中国耽美剧中性别平等的想象 :以《上瘾》为个案研究 = The desire of gender equality from Boys’ Love drama in mainland China : a case study of “Addiction”方心盈 Fong, Averyl Xin Ying
2019中韩文学交流 :桃花源意象在韩国古典文学与绘画的传播及诠释 = Sino-Korean literary exchange : the propagation and interpretation of peach blossom spring imagery in classical Korean literature and painting苏育涵 Soo, Wesley Yu Han
2021主流中的边缘人﹕从《谁先爱上他的》看华人社会中的同妻形象 = Mainstream outsider : a study of the image of “Tongqi”(Gay Man’s Wife) in Chinese society in Dear Ex林佳敏 Lim, Jasmine