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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020The advent of plastic and the gratuitous displacement of traditional food packaging in Singapore (1950s – 1990s)Benedict, Claudia Marianne
2019Ageism, age discrimination and the re-examination of retirement in Singapore, 1978-1993Nur Irdina Ramlan
2019Asianness, education, pragmatism : the history of creativity in SingaporeChui, Joyce Jia Hui
2021At the crossroads of tradition and modernity : analysing the commodification of culture and heritage in Singapore through state-initiated night markets in the 1980sNg, Galen Yee Teck
2021Beyond mobility : consumption of the automobile and development of the automobile industry in Singapore, 1896-1980Lee, Bryant Han Wei
2020Beyond the television screen : Phua Chu Kang in the historical discourse of the speak good English movement 2000, SARS outbreak and the Singapore-Malaysia water disputeKoh, Phyllis Xing Yi
2021Buried in the mists of history : the comfort women of SingaporeChee, Sylvia Sook Yan
2020Character education in Singapore : the three phases of Singapore's educationHung, Joel Yi Guang
2021The Chinese Peranakan identity in Post-colonial Singapore 1950s - 2000sTeo, Siu Yan
2019Chinese salted fish : resisting modernity, 1931-1937Wong, Lydia Pui Lam
2021Civil military fusion : a cross-national assessment between Indonesia & Singapore from the 1990s to the 2010sYang, Ryan Xianzhe
2021Construction of a lost childhood : the 'rehabilitation' of Mui Tsai in the Straits Settlement by the colonial government and the Po Leung Kuk committeeChan, Evelyn Ju Ying
2020Constructions of Japan and the Japanese : war, memory and foreign policy in SingaporeLiu, Joseph Woon Keong
2020Consuming the tiger : anecdotes, anatomy and advertising in twentieth century SingaporeTeoh, Vincent Jin Keong
2019Contradictions in the pursuit of a multicultural society : an analysis of race-based policies in Singapore from 1960s-2010sFathin Nazhirah Nordin
2021Cooperation amidst competition : the role of rubber in shaping Japanese and Straits Chinese relations in Malaya, 1914-1941Cao, Mingmin
2019Cultural revolution : exploring the what and how of rememberingTay, Min
2020Curating the sexual health of a nation : misrepresentations of sexual health, STIs and HIV/AIDS from the colonial to the post-colonialMuhammad Zaqeer Mohd Radz
2019Cyborg emerging : obstetrics and gynaecology in post-independence SingaporeRao, Tejala Niketan
2019Dancing into modernity : Singapore’s cabaret girls, 1930s-1970sKee, Andrea Hwee Yee