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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Accessing problems in predictive policing in the USLim, Xinhui
2021Actualism without actionsRelador, Jean Aldrin Concepcion
2020Adopting a sustainable approach in fast fashion corporations using the Rawlsian social contract theoryToh, Qian Hui
2021Are we no different from psychopaths?Wong, Pearline Young Yin
2019Assessing racism in Singapore : replacing Singapore's customary focus on intentionality with a focus on impactsLee, Lavelle Wen Ning
2021The benefits of being moralTan, Dion Shi Han
2021Can virtue contextualism resolve the Gettier problem?Du, Racher Jiaqi
2021Capitalism and the exploitation of the LGBT communityWong, Rachael Wen Ling
2020A cautious defense of AI as moral machinesChuah, Fiona Wen Qian
2019Ce yin zhi xin in the Mencius : being concerned for the otherHan, Joey Ming Jie
2019Challenging the ugliness of beauty : beautification as an instrument of female agencyChong, Eunice Chin Hui
2020Conforming to feminine norms of appearance and beauty ideals : self-inflicted objectification?Lock, Jing Wen
2019Constructing a concept of woman : women’s universal fear of sexual harassment and assaultHyliana Mohamed
2019The contemporary challenge to traditional Confucian concept of interpersonal harmony : is staying single necessarily a bad thing?Nur Syarafina Muhamad Ridha
2021Contractualism and COVID-19 : deontic motivations to improve migrant worker welfare in SingaporeMohammad Aashiq Anshad
2020A critical analysis of higher-order beliefs in Richard Moran’s conception of transparency relationsTong, Chermaine
2020Deconstructing the sexual experience: a phenomenological study of sexual desire and sexual encountersSanthanam, Kashsmeraa
2019Designing technology in the context of technological mediationOoi, Teck Chye
2019Desire-satisfactionism and the no-future time of desire viewChoo, Frederick Wen Yeong
2019The double crux : disagreeing to agreeYou, Sze Yee