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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Aiming for the cheap and good : how different healthcare system types influence its cost-effectiveness?Lim, Yang Le
2020Analysing the effectiveness of parent support groups in primary schools as a platform to enhance the involvement of fathers in children’s livesChu, Qin Fang; Ng, Constance Jia Ling; Shi, Ru'En
2020Analysing the reasons for the use of the death penalty in Singapore through Bentham’s utilitarianism : can the noose be loosened?Priyanna Subramaniam
2019Applicability of democratic peace theory in East Asia contextKhor, Sylvia Yao Dan
2020ASEAN in the realm of refugee protection and human securityTan, Jia Min
2019Assessing inter-organisational processes towards Singapore’s social service delivery : a qualitative case study on Jurong East TownChng, Isaac; Koh, Jewelle Kai Kheck; Choy, Yi Jie
2020The Belt and Road Initiative in Southeast Asia : understanding China's foreign policy objectives in the regionKok, Cheryl Hui Lin; Yew, Marcus Wei Xuan
2020Can offshore balancing be a viable strategy for the United States in North-East Asia?Lee, Benedict Kai Ming
2019“Chinese privilege” : a flimsy accusation or neglected reality in the case of Singapore?Rubaneshwaran
2020Credit where credit’s due : examining the effectiveness of the SkillsFuture credit scheme in fostering a lifelong learning cultureChen, Zheng Wei; Tan, Gerald Jian Qi
2019Does a ban on Islamic veils prevent terrorism in European Union (EU) countries?Lim, Jia Hui
2019An evaluation of the e-payment initiative in SingaporeLim, Denise Jia Ying; Soong, Rose York Ping
2020Evolution of protest art in Singapore : examining protest tactics in Brother Cane and Don’t Give Money to the ArtsGoh, Wei Hao
2019Examining the development of Singapore's public housing policies : does it meet the needs of the people?Tan, Kit Yee; Yoon, Zhen Yu
2019Examining the intrinsic and extrinsic motivational differences between scholars and non-scholars public servants in SingaporeChong, Zi Yi; Lee, Jobain Jun Hao; Ong, Tessa Yu Xian
2020Examining the state's legitimating narrative : a case study of the Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act (POFMA)Nabil Khairul Anwar
2020Explaining small states foreign policy in contemporary Southeast Asia using structural realism theory : cases of Cambodia, Singapore and VietnamLai, Yun Yi
2019An exploratory study on electric vehicle adoption in SingaporeS. Nishanthen; Yeow, Sze Hoe
2020Exploratory study on perception of employability among Public Policy and Global Affairs (PPGA) undergraduatesLee, Agnes Wang Fang; Ng, Calysta T.; Chua, Dedrick Chong Yang
2020External Influence : China’s soft power and the belt and road initiative in Southeast AsiaMuhammad Haikal Hasbullah