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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Best of both worlds : hybrid identities of mixed-race individuals in SingaporeLim, Tricia Anna.
2019Charity/commercialism : competing or complementary motivations in Singapore social business enterprises?Lim, Pearlyn
2019Chinese privilege in Singapore : does it exist?Nathan, Jenany; Tan, Jean Choon Zin
2019Choosing a STEM or humanities degree : an examination of external influences on individual choiceYeo, Tze Sian
2019Civility and incivility through bicycle sharing in SingaporeLim, Linda Jia Qi
2019Constructing narratives of success : understanding the pursuit of private higher education among polytechnic graduatesDeanna Nabilah Misbahuddin; Neo, Rui Wen
2021Digital adaptation and educational support : challenges of low-income families in Singapore during the COVID-19 pandemicTay, Mei Ling; Choo, Clara Jia En
2019Digitalizing queer intimacy : LGBTQ in the online worldHo, Denise Jia Ni; Lee, Amanda Xin Ting; Liow, Daphne Ying Xin
2019Do influencers actually influence? : Uncovering the significance of beauty influencers on the social identities and self concept of their followersLew, Crystal Chong Hui; Ng, Ruihe; Goh, Pei Fen
2019The effect of religion on marriage and gender ideologyOng, Shi Ting
2012Examining the student care industry in Singapore : the state’s policies and support for the family’s care-giving responsibilities for children aged 7 to 12Lai, Guohao
2010Exploring post-divorce experiences : a case study on professional women in SingaporeChong, Wen Ee.
2019Financial investing : a rigged game?Chong, Min Jian
2019Gender blender : an analysis of gender roles in Singaporean householdsLim, Benjamin Wee Seng; Ong, Jue Ying
2021Generational influences on individual education and career trajectory of young SingaporeansChen, Xiangyi
2012The ‘Government’ in our lives : an exploratory study of ideology and the Singapore middle classYap, Si Hong.
2019A great way to fly, should we ask why? : How organisational culture influences the performance of work in Singapore airlinesSoh, Pek Hua; Ng, Sebastian Jing Xian; Siew, Gerard Hao Sheng
2011Hindu worship in contemporary SingaporeSangeetha Madasamy.
2019How do hawker vendors achieve upward social mobility despite low educational status?Cheang, Joanne Zu Er; Khoe, Wei Jun; Lim, Yu Cheng
2019How faith informs : the attitudes and perspectives of relationships and marriages among Catholic young womenLee, Stephanie Cheryl