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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20091-D settlement characteristics of unsaturated soilsLi, Bing.
2010A 12-bit ultra-low power analog to digital converter design for an infrared imaging systemLiu, Shao Tao.
201112-bit ultra-low power low voltage analog to digital converter design for an infrared imaging systemPang, Bo
2010135 gigahertz microstrip patch antenna designLin, Zi Xian.
201216-bit full adder design based on cadence full-custom IC design flowYan, Aung Win
201416-bit high speed multiplier designYeo, Melvin Shung Shii
201616-bit low power multiplier designLiew Tien Hong
20112.4GHz RF harvesting circuit for battery-less deviceNg, Leon Hsein Rui.
2018A 20 GHz planar helix circularly polarized antennaToh, Yu Xiang
201020 questions website for kidsHu, Ze.
2011A 24*7 patrolling mobile robot (part 1 - navigation)Tan, Zhi Ping.
20112D & 3D TCAD-based compact modeling for advanced CMOS transistorsPoh, Kay Dee.
20122D barcodes on printed documentYin, Tenglong.
20132D image to 3D CAD model mapping of a T-joint pipe mapping for an intuitive robot teaching systemLiu, Ying.
20102D mobile barcodeLi, Zheng Jie
20162D rodent brain extraction using shape model and template learningZhang, Jiaqi
20102D touchless fingerprint verification systemSheng, Xiu Juan.
20093 dimensional rain visualisation toolTeo, Xingyuan.
20143-D data visulization for complex technical dataZhang, Zhidong
20153-D Printing of UAVNeo, Joerina Xiang Yu