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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Curvature detection of alpha synuclein aggregates on supported lipid bilayer on nanobarsAbdul Aziz Mohamed Salleh
2019Cytotoxicity studies on antibacterial polymersPhua, Hui Ling
2019Developing a photoacoustic tomography imaging systemElanggoh, Neelavathy
2019Development of a contact-based printing system on a controllable flatbed surfaceMuhammad Nizar Jasmani
2019Development of a low cost plotter for rapid prototyping of printed electronic elementsToh, Kai Bin
2021Effect of electrical stimulation and scaffold architecture on osteogenesis of osteogenic cellsLeong, Joshua Wei Ren
2019Effect of micro-RNA 150 and 885 on liver fibrosisAli, Ashik
2019Fabrication of cell membrane coated cartilage graftsTee, Jeff Jia Jun
2019In vivo phototherapy of tumorTan, Joscelyn Yi Ying
2019Interfacial assembly of metal nanoparticles for surface enhanced Raman spectroscopyAmirah Nur Izzaty Bakram
2021Microfluidic lung-on-a-chip for assessment of naonotoxicityTan, Fei Yang
2019Microneedle patch for treatment of septic arthritisKoh, Wei En
2019Microneedles for controlled drug releaseOng, Jun Hao
2019Revealing the effect of membrane curvature on lipid-mediated Ras clustering using nanostructuresTay, Nicholas Kian Wee
2019Tissue engineered bone models of prostate cancer metastasisTay, Zong Qing
2015Using Caspase-3 activation as a potential indicator to assess the systemic toxicity of chemotherapy in breast cancer patientsSong, Kai
2019White light colour fringe analysis for surface profilingAyisha Fathima Feroze Mohamed Arif