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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20193D model reconstruction from 2D imagesFong, Yi Qing
20196-way classification model on TUH EEG data setLim, Zi Xiang
2019Accurate parking of mobile robots using visual servoingTan, Paul Qian Rui
 2015Advanced process control at backend testLin, Shiau Yi
2019AI-based IoT device for smart nation deploymentOng, Li Yuan
2019AI-based IoT device for smart nation deploymentGoh, Si Jie
2019Analog guitar effect circuit-pedal (overdrive & distortion with equalization control)Lee Roseaidi, Ludfil Hadi
2019Android apps development for image processingChan, Yan Min
2019Android iFarm applicationYong, Min Xuan
2020Android mobile application for university transition and academic discussion EEEBuddyWeng, Yuejuan
2019AR application development with 3D sound effectsAng, Wei Yi
2020AR smart poster for EEEKent, Lee Joon
2020Artificial intelligence monitoring at the edge for smart nation deploymentLim, Shi Yong
2020An automatic multi-class vehicle detection and traffic congestion analysis systemHuang, Xinwei
2020Automatic topic detection of newsLiu, Fengyuan
2020A biometric-based system for online authenticationNg, Shawn Wei Leung
2020Blockchain for logistics tracking and anti-counterfeit protectionWong, Venesa Baohe
2019Blockchain in healthcareYee, Lina Li Ting
2018Brain lesion analysis using multi-model neural imagesZhou, Huan
2020Building a generative wine chatbotPeh, Jason Chun Chuan