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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20204:44Chin, Yulin
2020Adaptation of classical literature text to fit into a contemporary Singapore context : hawkerChua, Gerald Jia Jun
2019BalanceLee, Janson Yuan Wei
2020Bandwagon culture as an effective form of advertisingOrdonio, Anag Zerline Jade
2020Berry niceFilzah Shafiee
2019BreakfastWong, Lea Lay Yi
2019BreakfastLee, Viency
2020CarlIrene Tee @ Zheng Jingying
2020CarlZhao, Qiwen
2020CarlLee, Alicia Shu Hsien
2020The cartographerOng, Nichole Jing Wen
2020The cartographerTeng, Jessabel Shen Hui
2020The cartographer : 3D unreal-engine exploration gameLee, Calista Min Fen
2019CaughtRaiza Feroz Ahmed
2020A chameleon storyOng, Shu Yi
2020A chameleon storyKamal, Ayesha Fathima
2020CirculateKou, Ying
2019Communicating by vectors - the making of song of summerWang, Ruotong
2019Constructing the stylized world of ‘Charlie’Tham, Eugene Kai Ming
2020Creating the world of strange occurrences : Bukit BulabuYeo, Gloria Jia Min