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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019The afterlife manifestoTan, Donn Zheng Yu
2020Am I _____ enough?Amelia Yuliana Jamil
2020Family and ways to represent itKe, Queenie
2020For here or takeawayBong, Brian Peng Long
2020I'll always be here for youSim, Crystal Hui Zhen
2020It happensZhang, Xuan
2019Jangka (expectations)Rifdi Rosly
2020Mould, unpacking toxic shame with making of diaristic photobookLin, Shiauyu
2019Past & present lives of ______ : re-locating and imagining Malay womenhoodDyan Hidayat Ismawi
2020Presence of absenceLim, Shu Xian
2019Samsara : the beginning of an endXu, Clara Weilin
2020Silent conversationsSiti Nadia Amirah Muhammad Ariff Khoo
2020The space in betweenHo, Duane Russell An
2020Still aliveLau, Eng Seng
2019To motherNurshafitri Ya'akob
2019Twilight strandMak, Han Feng
2020UmiiralIsip, Anna Elizabeth Samaniego