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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Analysis of arm sweep in artistic swimming using COMSOLYap, Crystal Yu Hui
2019Automated customer service powered by artificial intelligenceLeon, Shi Min
2020Bio-laser emission imaging and analysis of optical resonatorsAng, Randall Jie
2010Brønsted acid catalyzed hydroamination and its application to total synthesis of cuspareineBay, Siew Ting
2021Characterization of G-wire formation with guanine-rich sequencesRosal, Katelyn Grace Agdeppa
2021COMSOL simulation of electrostatic confinements in nanoscale TMDC QD devicesLai, Marcus Kar Fai
2021COVID-19 and the maximum-entropy method : a study of its application in the estimation of the reproduction numberMuhamad Azka Danish Abdul Mutalib
2021Design and fabrication of singular phase nanophotonic cavities for phase sensitive hydrogen sensingGoh, Gordon Jun Sheng
2021Development of ratiometric fluorescent pH nanoprobe to study endocytic uptake pathways of antisense oligonucleotidesLiew, Donn Hou Feng
2020Dosimetric study of patient specific quality assurance using LINAC log files for volumetric modulated arc therapyLew, Kah Seng
2015Dynamics of domain wall motion in Y-shaped structuresChua, Ee Liang
2020Fabrication and characterization of luminescent sulfur nanodotsThung, Yi Tian
2019Generation of intense terahertz radiation using optical rectification through lithium niobate and its nonlinear spectroscopyAng, Ray Jia Jun
2019Gravity-mediated gain of quantum entanglementTham, Guo Yao
2010Hollow spiky au nanoparticles : single encapsulation, optical properties and potential applications.Wong, Yi Jian.
2019Investigation of heterostructure characteristics from AB initio principlesChan, Yong Ming
2019Investigation of resistive random-accesss memory (RRAM) materials and devicesSim, Wei Kiat
2010A laser system for cooling and trapping of fermionic potassium.Wijaya, Yenny.
2018Metamaterials based sensors as a technique in detecting Tumor-bearing tissuesMuhammad Azri Bin Kamsir
2015Mott transition in hardcore Bose Hubbard model for honeycomb latticeYonathan, Priambada