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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Abscisic acid regulates hydrotropism through tissue-specific signaling in Arabidopsis rootsAng, Xiang Ling
2017Aging and degenerative diseases : understanding neuropathology by the proteomic profiling of temporal lobe extracellular vesicles from a novel tissue-centric approachChew, Valerie Yi
2012Analysis of molecular mechanisms of cardiac arrhythmia.Wong, Samantha Zhu Er.
2009Analysis of neural stem cell self-renewal and differentiation using in vivo RNAi in drosophila.Wong, Jian Xiang.
2010Application of COLD-PCR for improved detection of EGFR mutations in clinical samples.Zhang, Zhi Xuan.
2014Application of plant based green technology for molybdenum remediationWong, Seok Peng
2012Biodiversity assessment of invertebrates in hill streams at Bukit Timah nature reserve.Lim, Jing Yang.
2010Biodiversity studies of medical herb Epimedium Sagittatum (TCM herb 淫羊藿)Peh, William Wei Liang.
2013Business model of a modern traditional Chinese medicine clinicToh, Kok Jin
2014Butelase 1 : the fastest known ligase for protein cyclization and ligationChen, Shu Bee
2010Characterisation of antibody raised against the E7 protein of Human papillomavirus type 11 and its application in clinical samples.Lim, Yin Jia.
2012Characterization of additional cytogenetic abnormalities in haematological patients upon disease relapse.Chee, Joyce Yuen Yin.
2017Clinical investigation into the effectiveness of Baduanjin in reducing the negative effects of stressNeo, Rachel Ling Jye
2017Clinical studies on the efficacy of TCM tuina for the treatment of work related musculoskeletal disordersTan, Yuan Ming
2012Combined radiation- and gentamicin-induced ototoxicity.Chung, Min Ru.
2012Conception of conjugative cloning vectors.Tan, Peng Fei.
2018Cytogenetic clonal evolution In myelodysplastic syndromeAw, Eunice Ching-Yi
2013Designed Trp/Arg-rich antimicrobial peptides.Giam, Zhen Gan.
2010Designing and testing fluorescent sphingolipid-interacting peptides as probes of cell membrane organization.Sim, Gladys Yan Qing.
2015Determining interferon gamma and insulin signalling cross-talk in insulin producing cellsLim, Xiu-Wen