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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Analysis of factors influencing variation in soil respiration between forest types : a case study at Bukit Timah Nature ReserveChua, Terence Jie
2020Assessing disability inclusive disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation capabilities in SingaporeLee, Chelsea Wen Si
2018Automated acoustic identification of echolocating bats by machine learning : application for biodiversity monitoring for the Australia cotton industryChan, Jaslyn Jia Hui
2020Combining stratigraphy and tectonics to understand intermittent deposition on the outer rise offshore Sumatra, IndonesiaTan, Li Ching
2019Creating a national shoreline typology map and identifying ecosystem services found in Singapore's shoreline habitatsNg, Zhao Ying
2021Evaluating and optimising healthcare response to volcanic disaster through agent-based modellingGoh, Yun Si
2021Fightoplankton : a low-cost automatic sampler for the study of phytoplankton cell cycleMah, David
2021Floral trait preferences of butterflies in SingaporeFung, Louisa May
2020Geochemical and petrological characterization of the Singkut caldera-forming eruption (North Sumatra)Yeo, Yue
2018How fragmentation affects insect predation rate : a Singapore case studySee, Angelica Rui Xiao
2019Inferring the tectonic history of Northwestern Luzon, Philippines, using coral microatoll recordsTan, Fang Yi
2021The influence of message framing and points of referencein eco-labels and the role of emotions on purchase intentions and willingness to pay for sustainable seafood productsLing, Jia Shin
2019Insights into the magmatic system from seismic signal at Mayon Volcano, PhilippinesYeo, Shu Hui
2019Investigating deep earthquake mechanisms of the M6.6 Java Sea earthquake, 2016Fang, Shiyuan
2020An investigation of the relationship between repose time and cumulative moment magnitude preceding volcanic explosionsTan, Darren Pei Kun
2019Modelling volcanic source deformation using a particle filter-based inversionTay, Cheryl Wen Jing
2021Multi-sensor satellite remote sensing of volcanic regionsWay, Lin
2020Perception of cultural ecosystem services among park users in SingaporeSonali, Manimaran
2020Resilience and evolution of microbial spatial self-organisationKow, Zi Shan
2021Sea surface temperature and sea surface salinity calibration using porites coral geochemical proxies from Dongsha Atoll in the South China SeaZhang, Yilin