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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20203D Chromosome Modelling with Hi-C dataKoh, Qi Cheng
2019Algorithmic information theory in the stock marketLoh, Kenneth
2019American fuzzy lop (AFL) fuzzingGoh, Brandon Wen Heng
2019Analysis of new long-read sequencing dataPhoa, Yohanes Alfredo
2020Analytic reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces and their operatorsMau, Camille
2019Application and analysis of embedding methods for node classification in homophily-rich networksTan, Yee Ying
2020Application of dynamic programming in the minimal superpermutation problemOng, Linus Hong Jun
2020Applications of robust stochastic control in optimal inventory managementTang, Zimo
2021Average width of balanced codewordsSong, Qiumin
2020Axiomatic strengths of certain mathematical statementsKoh, Heer Tern
2019Balancing efficiency and fairness in ridesharing dispatchingWu, Shanshan
2020Bayesian estimation and optimization for high-dimensional portfolio selectionMarisu, Godeliva Petrina
2020Bayesian inverse problems for hyperbolic equationsNg, Jeremy
2021Blind equalizer for wireless communicationsSeah, Rebecca Ming Chee
2021Calculus of variations and functional analysisLim, Wen Jun
2019Can topology predict a financial crisis?Dang, Thi Mai Vy
2017Cointegrated assets : identification and tradingSoo, Doreen Wei Shan
2021Commutative algebra and algebraic varietiesTan, Zhi Hong
2021Composition operators induced by monomial symbols and symbols with φ(D)⊂DHua, Shanshan
2019A comprehensive study on spectral clusteringLu, Siyao