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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Adaptive learning rate for neural networkTeo, Chee Seong
2021ADMM algorithms for matrix completion problem in noisy settingsLe, Tran Kien
2019Application of hodge theory to the analysis of ranking dataLaurent, Valerie Evangelin
2019Calculating the Malliavin derivative of one stochastic mechanics problemLyu, Xingyu
2021Comparison of appointment scheduling perspectives between cost minimization and service level constraintWong, Kai Qin
2021Computational ideal theory and groebner basisZheng, Jia Li
2021Data-driven learning models for protein folding analysisTedja, Erika
2020Deep learning-based numerical methods for partial differential equationsDou, Yao
2021Deep-learning in survival analysisHo, Jeff
2020DeepMaxSAT : encode logical representation into deep learning models for information extractionWu, Meixi
2021Does network topology and structure affect the contagion effect of a collapse of a financial institution in an interbank market? A case study on the Barabási–Albert model, Watts-Strogatz model and Erdős–Rényi modelChew, Wei Jian
2021Effect of minimum wage increase on employment and wage levelsNg, Cheryl Tsuei Yi
2020Fairness and incentives in committee electionLy, Tevbot
2021Game theoretical, statistical and behavioural aspects of peer evaluationTan, Catherine Ser Ping
2020Generalised topological features and machine learning in drug designTi, Tze Hong
2021Impact of jumps in prices and volatility on dynamic portfolio strategies — assessment on public mood-driven asset allocationBey, Traacy Jing Ling
2021Inverse problems and earthquake locationSoh, Wei Xuan
2021Machine learning for earthquake predictionAng, Grace Li Ling
2021Reinforcement learning in online principal­-agent problemsYue, Ming Long
2019Scenario wise distributionally robust optimization for Conditional Value-at-RiskTan, Guan Hoe