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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20162D layered crystals for thermoelectric nanocomposites and devicesNg, Hong Kuan
20162D transport of magnetic microbeads on ferromagnetic network structureLI, Zhen
20128-oxoguanine : an effective Z-DNA stabilizer.Quang, Tran Minh Nhat.
2020ABM simulations of housing portfolios in normal and bubble timesWee, Shaun Jun Jie
2021Agent-based model of voting behavior in elections : trust and quantum technologyYap, Julianna Shi Rui
2009Agent-based simulations of toy market models.Lye, Ribin.
2018All-optical ultrafast electron bunch compressionLim, Jeremy Zhen Jie
2011Amplified spontaneous emission in CdS nanobelts: an investigation through ultrafast optical spectroscopy.Sandy Adhitia Ekahana.
2020Analysing possibilities for supersymmetry in light of LHC run IIPang, Ian Yi En
2009Analysis of a complex network of financial agents.Chen, Jonathan Guan Wei.
2020Analysis of effect of water body on temperature and humidity around a building using COMSOLTan, Cheryl
2018An analysis of the students’ performance in selected physics problemsChia, Angela
2014Arbitrary optical potentialsGan, Koon Siang
2013Asymmetric electrochemical capacitor based on Co(OH)2-graphene and polypyrrole-grapheneCai, Xiaoyi
2012Automated control programs for characterizations of quantum cascade lasers.Phann Sophearin.
2019Baryogenesis via leptogenesisLee, Gao-Yu
2017Basic image and spectral processing in biophotonic techniques for preclinical applicationsWong, Melvin Kai Weng
2021Bayesian quantum noise spectroscopyKoh, Zhi Yang
2015Bell monogamyNg, Kang Feng
2021Benchmarking quantum cloud processesLoke, Kum Yin