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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997Capital mobility in MalaysiaOng Hui Chen Aileen, Ooi Lih De Andrew, Yong Shou Ming
1997Car ownership in Singapore what it meansTay Tony, Tng Chee Wei, Chew V'Ming
1995Card-based credit transactions in SingaporeChan, Mun Kong; Chong, Ivy; Soh, Lin Leng
1995Case studies of JIT applied to SingaporeTeo, Kwee Bin; Tan, Pei Ling; Goh, Hui Ling
1996Case studies on activity-based costing in SingaporeChai, Shirley Fong Ling; See, Cynthia Hui Kheng; Tan, Chia Chuen
1997Case studies on the adoption & implementation of SAASKer Siow Peng, Tan Hwee Lin, Wong Leon Keat
1997Case study : a change in accounting software for a construction companyChoo Su Ling Karen, Lim Chian-Erh Carol, Tan Hui Ling Wendy
1997Case study : Budgeting practices of hotels in Singapore.Cheng Tung Sheun Sebastian, Lauw Wann Ching, Ng Pin Pin Regina
1995Case study : Lujiang hotel in XiamenCheok, Yan Ping; Lee, Chieh Shih; Tan, Chieh Inn
1994A case study of a management control system in a Japanese MNC in Singapore from an organisational perspectiveChew, Yen Ian; Tay, Evelyn Ee Mei; Woo, Tuck Hong
1995A case study of computerisation in the banking industry - automating the accounting system of united overseas banking groupGoh, Sia; Tan, Kuang Hui; Wong, Patrick Kang Sing
1994Case study of cost allocation practices in SingaporeTan, Ying Ying; Lee, Tang Khee; Sim, Yong Thiam
1995A case study of Giordano : its human resource strategiesLoh, Wai Fong; Tan, Angelina Geok Ping; Wang, Rebecca Jiew Kim
1997A case study of women auditors in Singapore.Chen San San, Evangelline Tan, Yip Yoke Ping
1994A case study on activity-based costingChia, Li Hwei; Lee, Pei See; Ngern, Siew Boon
1996A case study on cost assignmentEe, Yeow Meng; Sim, Evelyn Chu Lin; Tan, Mei Chin
1995A case study on cost system and control : its role in competitivenessYeo, Joo Hiong; Seow, Lisa; Chiew, Tuan York
2011A case study on Keppel guaranteed notes series 1.Lim, Shawn Wei Sheng.; Loh, Wan Qi.; Ng, Jia Mei.
1997Case study on MeiBan Plastic Ltd. : a just-in-time purchasing systemAu Puay Keng Sharanne, Goh Su Min CIndy, Tan Wan Chin
1995Case study on the cost accounting system of a multi-national manufacturing companySegara, Helen; Tan, Chee Ping; Ho, Kirk Yan Wah