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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996Kiasuism : a pioneer studyAng, Cheng Eng; Loh, Joanne Poh Yin; Ng, Irene Ee Yen
1996Korean expatriates' performance in Singapore : a study of selection,development, social and organisational issues.Goh, Tok Fong.; Loo, Soo Kiat.; Moy, Loh Cheak.
1994Labour cost control practices of Singapore manufacturing companiesKoh, Sze Yan; Leow, Cheng Kiat; Ng, Ee Pin
1994Labour incentives in SingaporeChia, Kok Meng; Lim, Chai Eng; Tay, Kee Hong
1994Labour productivity : a Singapore perspectiveNeo, Teck Pheng; Ngo, Tong Kwee; Tan, Betty
1995Land based passenger transport system in SingaporeNg, Peng Tieng; Khoo, Tze Koon; Chua, Chong Ping
1996Land transport in Singapore.Khoo, Boo Leong.; Loo, Wen Lieh.; Ong, Chee Peng.
1997Language use among Chinese undergraduate students of Nanyang Technological UniversityAng, Joshua Chee Leng; Guay, Yin-Ying; Lim, Vera Mei-Lin
1994Leadership styles of women entrepreneurs in SingaporeGow, Hui Yian; Lau, Choon Huei; Lau, Louisa Su May
1997Learning & the world wide webNg Ying Siang, Ho Mei San Jeanette, Soon Mun Lieh Wilson
1994Lease accounting by lessees.Ang, Rachel Wee Choon; Chee, Boon Chiang; Yip, Linda Meng Yee
1997A legal case analysis of failures in computer contracts in Canada.Chia Meng Ru, Foo Soo Yuen, Tony Ciang
1997Limiting auditors' liability : the optionsLee Teck Hwee, Seetoh Sok Yee Pearlie, Tan Seok Hwei
1994Live or leave regionalizationChong, Sieh Jiuan; Koh, Lay Keng; Tan, Bee Leng
1996Local entrepreneurs : motivations, traits and problems.Koh, Lay Sien.; Kong, Pei Ling.; Lim, Li Nah.
1997Looking into cybercafeAng, Bee Ling; Ang, Siow Hoon; Teo, Peace Wei Wei
1996The maintenance of parents Act and the elderly.Gue, Boon Lin.; Quek, Kian Ek.; Sim, Huey Min
1996Making investment decisions : a look at the performance of the industrial and commercial sector in the Singapore market.Chua, Wan Ping.; Lee, Boon Kheng.; Tan, Khee.
1996Management accounting practices in Singapore.Goh, Chin Seng.; Toh, Kia Wee.; Yip, Marcus Chee Chuen.
1997Management accounting techniques : applications in Singapore hotel and manufacturing industriesAw, Ah Yeoh; Ng, Siok Luan; Ng, Bernard Theng Chiong