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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995Quality control circles : the success storiesHo, Meng Mee; Lee, Huan Siak; Wong, Sue Min
1994R&D and the Singapore economy : a case studyYong, Meei Yun; Chan, Kum Wai; Lung, Sing Han
1994Random walk down sesFoo, Shiang Peow; Tan, Kok Tong; Tan, Wee Heng
1996Readability of chairman's statement in Singapore.Goh, Eng Yang.; Lim, Poh Chen.; Wee, Kian Seng.
1996Readibility of chairman's statement in Singapore.Goh, Eng Yang.; Lim, Poh Chen.; Wee, Kian Seng.
1997Regional treasury centres in Singapore.Cheng Teck Heng Paul, Leow Tze Kang, Yap Beng Hui Andy
1995Regionalisation : an economic analysis of outward foreign direct investment from SingaporeTeo, Thiam Hoe; Goh, Mien Zo; See, Bee Lin
1994Regionalisation : analysis of policies and issuesTeng, Wee Chen; Ho, Shung Yee; Yeo, Keat Keong
1997Regionalisation of food & beverage industry to Southeast AsiaLim Siew Ping, Lim Inng Mae, Yap Soon Lan
1997Regionalisation of Singapore furniture industry.Chang Soo Ping Catherine, Fong Pui Shan, Wu Ting
1997Regulation of the Internet by SBA : an assessment of the initial problems and impact on and reactions of the ISPChio Shiok Hwee, Tay Li Ling, Te Yen Ni
1996The relationship between career anchors with satisfaction, commitment and AWE : a survey of the auditing profession in Singapore.Chia, Serene Seok Cheng.; Lee, Myra Choong Yi.; Ong, Siong Hong.
1996The relationship between industry profit and interest rate in Singapore : an exploratory study.Chia, Min Liang.; Lim, Daphne Bee Kuan.; Yip, Wei-Jen.
1996Relationships between COE prices, property prices and stock market performance.Chua, Kwai Fong.; Tan, Lay Har.; Tan, Yam Lim.
2009Relative-valuation based investment stategies : evidence from China.Hong, Wai Chong.; Lee, Royston Yit Kar.; Liw, Nick Weijian.
1997The relevance of accounting information to pricing decisionsChong Yan Ting, Lim Chiew Tiah Bonaventure, Ong Beng Lee Ken
1995Relevance of ownership structure on profitability and financial policiesAng, Suat Ching; Koh, Hui Lan; Lee, Lai Hiang
1997Remuneration system in SingaporeLau Hui Zin, Lee Mei San, Teo Khai Lynn
1994Reporting of value added in Singapore : why or why not?Law, Seng Keat; Lim, Adrian Ek Duen; Tan, Winnie Wei Ling
1993A research into the development, application and impact of information technology in SingaporeChee, Siew Hong