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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997Takeover bid resistance and the shareholder welfare hypothesis : analysis of the Singapore marketAng, Cheng Leng; Tan, Alice Zhen Zhi; Teo, Lian Na
1993Tax auditBay, Chee Feng
1997The tax impact of deriving investment income from selected Asian countries : the Singapore investors' perspectiveBoh, Wai Fong; Chua, Hwee Sze; Tan, Wang Tiang
1997Tax implications of overseas residential property investments : A comparative study.Cheo Song Cherh Grace, Chua Pei Kim, Ng Kim Gek Anne
1995Tax systems and economic roles of government in Singapore and China : a comparative studyChui, Kah Wai; Sia, Geok Choo; Yeong, Yen Yen
1994Taxing the self-employedGoh, Bun Hiong; Tan, Boon Kee; Yit, Chee Wah
1994Telecommunicating impact on individuals & organizationLee, Chia Huei; Loy, Ye-Meng; Teng, Min Yee
1997Telecommuting in Singapore and its implication on employment lawSazlianah Sa'ad, Seet Li Hui, Sim Pei Tee
1995Teleconferencing : Singapore a global village?Chan, Bee Poh; Lim, Huey Chin; Low, Agnes Ching Ching
1995Testing and marketing commercial accounting software packages : the case of BMS financials.Chua, Lionel.; Lee, Fong Lay.; Siong, Guan-Cheng.
1996Testing and marketing commercial accounting software packages: the case of BMS financials.Chua, Lionel; Lee, Fong Lay; Siong, Guan Cheng
1997Testing of fisher effect in MalaysiaMak Pui See, Ong Su-Yi, Shii Tuong Sen
1994Testing the ability of selected financial ratios in tracking the out performance of stocks for the hotel and property sectorsKok, Hwee Ping; Lee, Sock Hui; Ng, Eileen
1994The time series behaviour of corporate earnings in SingaporeChew, Chee Yuen; Ong, Kian Meng; Wong, Bernard Teck Theng
1997Timeshare : an entrepreneurship aspectChiu Lee Ling, Kwek Ping Ling, Loi Wei Ling
1997To investigate the impact of explicit & implicit cost information on resource allocation decisionNeo, Dawn Cheng See; Siak, Li Leng; Tan, Hwee Lea
1997Tourism and airports : case studies on Singapore, Hong Kong and MyanmarChua Wei Wei, Heng Poh Lian, Lee Tan Ni
1994Towards quality thinking- total quality managementYih Wen, Chan; Ling Ling, Chua; Ka-Foong, Chui
1995Traditional versus operating cash flow in failure prediction : a Malaysian contextLoh, Hsiao Yng; Shion, Suet Ling; Yeo, June Puay Hoon
1994Traffic management proposed electronic road pricing systemHo, Eng Foo; Lim, Choon Fong; Poh, Leong Wee