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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994The valuation of initial public offersChwa, Poh Kew; Liew, Kwat Yeow; Lim, Kern
1996Valuation of takeovers in Singapore.Ko, Koon; Lim, Weng Keong; Wang, Meng Keong
1994Valuation of unseasoned stocks and the underpricing phenomenonGoh, Stephanie Giok Lie; Leong, Wai Mun; Sin, Kok Hong
1997Value added statement - A perspective.Cheah Pi Ki Christie, Ng Kwong Kai, Tan Hui Cheng Cynthia
1994Value added statement : from recommended to mandatory?Chan, Kate Wee Hoon; Eng, Sing Goy; Tay, Julia Swan Choo
1994Value-for-money audit in the auditor general's officeChong, Chun Hien; Koh, Yong Tye; Lee, Hwee Min
1995Valuing IPOsLee Kwok Yoke, Ng Li Kiang, So Siong Teng
1994A variance ratio test of random walk in the stock exchange of SingaporeChoo, Boon Poh; Tan, Heng Jack; Neo, Boon Sim
1994Various factors affecting human performance in a computerised environmentAng, Kah Eng; Neo, Aik Keong; Pang, Soh Chui
1997Venture capital in the Philippines : a business planChong Mei Ling, Swee Li Shalena, Tai Siew Mei
1994Venturing abroad - the MNE's viewpointAw, Huey Ying; Yap, Wai Mun; Yong, Chin Fah
1996Vietnam : economic reforms in a transitional economy.Chong, Alfred Quoh Tsng.; Kwek, Geok Lan.; Liu, Zhi Lin.
1995Violence amongst the youngCheng, Khiang Hwee; Koh, Ivan Wee Meng; Leow, Ser Leng
1994Voluntary adoption of accounting standards prior to implementation dateAng, Sock Cheng; Lim, Sio Hoon; Yong, William Chee Kee
1997The voluntary disclosure of environmental information : a study of listed companies in SingaporeKoh Mien Kok Bryan, Lee Guan Sin, Yong Chee Foon
1996Warrants : a financing instrument.Hee, Sze Hui.; Chee, Michelle Wai Ling.; Seow, Ivan Wei-Tit.
1994Warrants fundamentals and factors affecting warrant pricingLow, Sharon Wan Kein; Phua, Siew Hong; Neo, Keng Jin
1997The wealth effect of corporate capital expendituresLee Su Yin Junie, Lim Hui Leng, Wee Tee Heng
1997Web page design and its effect on self-learningLing Kai Jia, Teng Lay har Lina, Yeo Kah Yoke
1995The whole day area licensing scheme - a study of its economic effects.Lim, Steven See Heng; Ng, Vincent Hak Sen; Tan, Luck Thong