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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Effort provision as a reference point in risk decision-makingLeong, Carissa Jun Wei; Pang, Hui Xia; Tok, Wan Ling
2019Energy-efficient usage and investment behaviours : a case study on Singapore's hawkersLee, Edmond Ren Jie; Loi, Mervin Kean Yang; Yeo, Nicholas Yong Sheng
2021An evaluation on the dividend signalling theory in Singapore stock marketKoh, Nigel Jia Yuan; Koh, Yun Yi; Lee, Wen Jun
2020Forecasting stock price movements with tweet sentiment, volume and interaction levelGew, Grace Jie Yan; Sim, Pei Yi; Tong, De Fang
2019Foundations of peer pressure in team productionNg, Ying Dan; Tan, Shu Mei; Lee, Tracy Jing Wei
2020Globalization and environmental quality : insights from 128 countriesLe, Ha Chi
2020Granger causality analysis between twitter sentiment and daily stock returnsHuang, Jun Xiang; Lim, Aaron Yue Feng; Quek, JunFeng
2021The green effect : the influence of indoor plants on economic decision makingTan, Melissa Xin Ying; Leong, Ting; Pau, Olivia Li Min
2019Housing bubble detection using GSADF : exuberance in non-fundamentalsOng, Daphne Jia Lin; Heng, Yan Si; Wen, Yuanyuan
2021How stock markets respond to government intervention and vaccine news during the COVID-19 pandemicChan, Gordon Jia Jun; Tan, Dylan Yuanzhun; Lim, Tom Bao Ming
2020How the payment mode influences human decision makingChan, Jarryl Weihan; Low, Yi Xuan; Kee, Yvonne Chun Feng
2019Impact of financial market liberalization on PE ratio : a study on China A-share marketLiew, Zhi Qi; Lim, Shaun Tau Szen; How, Chun Hung
2020The impact of market imperfections on stock prices : an empirical analysis of AH price premium in ChinaHu, Xinmai; Hu, Yaxi; Xu, Xinyi
2019The impact of US tariff on the labor marketSim, Kelvin Ming Hui; Hsu, Yang Shun; Mah, Kang Jun
2019Improving systemic risk frameworks in South KoreaLim, Jasper Seng Leong; Lim, Jerry Wen Xing; Taepan Kanjanaporn
2019Incentivising organ donations : market design and behavioural lab experimentsLin, Eriko Sheng TIng; Chua, Kelyn Wee Teng; Yeo, Kee Han
2019Incentivizing organ donation with priority voucher : an experimental studyWang, Song
2019Information leaks in the smartphone market : should phone makers be concerned?Choo, Adam Jin Fu; Tan, Christine Li Wei; Yong, Ai Wen
2020An investigation on domain specific social time preference rates in SingaporeChua, Jolene Yi Lin; Chong, Sheryl Hui Ping; Choy, Marcus Guang Lin
2018Investigation on overvaluation of shares in ChinaChoon, Alan Zhen Yu; Liang, Shihong; Xu, Boxiao