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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Payment preferences of hawkers in Singapore : a discrete choice experimentYeo, Elizabeth Pei Yee; Gan, Nicholas Jun-Yi; Choo, Joycelyn Zhi Xuan
2020Pitch perfection : how does pitch affect risk behaviourChua, Gabriel Yong Ping; Liaw, Shao Yi; Er, Hui Jun
2021Policy mechanisms to reduce bubble tea consumption among youths in SingaporeLee, Aaron Hui Kiat; Chin, Edwin Guan Loong; Muhammad Nasrulhaq Mohamed Osman
2020Predicting random walk time series and real stock prices : an experimental studyChiew, Hong Yi; Toh, Malcolm Jia Jun; Chong, Gervais Kiat
2021Price determinants of public housing in Singapore : an econometric and machine learning approachTang, Zachary Jia Ying; Peh, Benedict; Lim, Daren Jun Hao
2020Racial discrimination against prospective tenants : evidence from the room rental market in SingaporeChew, Ilynn Mei Xian; Goh, Pei Ying; Ng, Wan Zhyi
2021Reacting to ambiguous signals in an experimental asset marketNur Afifah Nasharudin; Sun, Kangqing; Tan, Mei Qi
2020Role of pessimism on the equity premium puzzle : evidence from Singapore and MalaysiaKathiravan Arkachamy; Lee, Pei Qi; Tay, Regina Li Min
2019Share class structure and the efficiency of corporate takeover : an experimentTan, Alicia Yan Xiu; Chan, Sharmain; Laksmi Cahyady
2020Share class structure and the efficiency of corporate takeover : experimental evidenceLee, Pei Xuan; Siow, Zu Er; S, Roshini
2019Shifting driver of growth in Singapore : a VECM approachAng, Joshua Wei Zhang; Sim, En Ching
2019Signal extraction, ambiguity and asset pricing : an experimental studyHo, Jia Jun; Soh, Isabelle Shi Min; Lim, Zhi Xun
2020The significance of en-bloc sales in influencing private property prices in SingaporeHwee, Kit Leong; Teo, Jie Wei; Yang, Kun
2019Understanding and reducing NIMBY syndrome : a study on foreign worker dormitories in SingaporeGoh, Joel Yong Ming; Norhaiza Basir Ahmad; Hoe, Kian Leong
2021Understanding resale prices of private properties in Singapore : a hedonic model approachPhang, Merrick Jun Yi; See, Samuel Zenghao; Wong, Brian Liang Hao
2020Universal banking : the effects of diversification on bank profits in a low interest worldAngelica, Halim Lim; Tjong, Isaac Wen Jun; Teo, Jia Qing
2018Upgrades for votes : strategic use of public housing improvement programme in SingaporeNgan, Edwina Ye Luan; Lee, Jin Yong; Yeo, Yu Ping
2019Welfare costs from output and price fluctuations with heterogeneous agents and utility recoveryOng, Natalie Jia Min; Tan, Peck Hean; Tay, Cong Run
2021When the invisible hand goes out of hand - an evaluation of crisis responsesOng, Audrey Sze Yun; Ng, Celine Si Qi; Tan, Boon Wee
2020Will financial inclusion reduce poverty in China : an empirical study on Chinese family panel dataLiu, Huilun; Tran Thien Ha My; Tan, Chun Xian