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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20102D vs. 3D cell culture systemsBindal, Ishita.
20183D printed self-conformable hydrogel composites by controlling fiber alignmentLim, Sin Yee
20093D simulation of hard spheres in thermal boundaryAng, Han Wee
20093D visualization of the joints using MR images.Huang, Grace Manjun.
2009Adhesion of red blood cells to thrombin activated endothelial cells in plasma like suspensions.Lin, Cheryl Shuyi.
2009Adsorption and recovery of hen egg white lysozyme on functionalized mesoporous silica SBA-15.Lin, Dashun.
2009Adsorption of poycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons onto tire activated carbon.Phang, Zie Loon.
2016Alcohol detection with PDMS coated optical fiber sensorTan, Chew Huan
2009Algal oil extraction from microalgae.Khairunnisa Yahya.
2009Alteration of coenzyme specificity of alkyl hydroperoxide reductase by site directed mutagenesisB K Nirmalee Lakshani Goonewardena
2015Altering rate of release through varying microparticle size and morphologyLi, Aaron Zongwei
2013Ammonia sensor for point-of-care application.Png, Shermaine.
2014Analysis of blood perfusion on foot in critical limb ischemic and healthy subjects using diffuse opticsNeo, Yan Ting
2019Analysis of new long-read sequencing dataPhoa, Yohanes Alfredo
2009Analytical image reconstruction algorithm for diffuse optical tomographySim, Soon Kim.
2010Anti-microbial surfaces by plasma assisted immobilization of chitosan.Toh, Daniel Seng Wei.
2014Anti-proliferative effect of inactivated clostridium sporogenes and conditioned media on melanoma cellsNg, Josie Wan Ting
2009Antibacterial properties of cold sprayed ZnO nanopowder and composite coatingsZhong, Weixian.
2009Antimicrobial efficacy testing of antibiotic-containing biodegradable nanopolymers against biofilm and planktonic cells.Polimyr Caesar Dave Pelisco Dingal.
2009Antimicrobial studies of titanium dioxide thin films.Tay, Derrick Kok Sing.