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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20162D layered crystals for thermoelectric nanocomposites and devicesNg, Hong Kuan
20162D transport of magnetic microbeads on ferromagnetic network structureLI, Zhen
20203D Chromosome Modelling with Hi-C dataKoh, Qi Cheng
20128-oxoguanine : an effective Z-DNA stabilizer.Quang, Tran Minh Nhat.
2020ABM simulations of housing portfolios in normal and bubble timesWee, Shaun Jun Jie
2021Adaptive learning rate for neural networkTeo, Chee Seong
2021ADMM algorithms for matrix completion problem in noisy settingsLe, Tran Kien
2021Agent-based model of voting behavior in elections : trust and quantum technologyYap, Julianna Shi Rui
2009Agent-based simulations of toy market models.Lye, Ribin.
2019Algorithmic information theory in the stock marketLoh, Kenneth
2018All-optical ultrafast electron bunch compressionLim, Jeremy Zhen Jie
2019American fuzzy lop (AFL) fuzzingGoh, Brandon Wen Heng
2011Amplified spontaneous emission in CdS nanobelts: an investigation through ultrafast optical spectroscopy.Sandy Adhitia Ekahana.
2020Analysing possibilities for supersymmetry in light of LHC run IIPang, Ian Yi En
2009Analysis of a complex network of financial agents.Chen, Jonathan Guan Wei.
2020Analysis of arm sweep in artistic swimming using COMSOLYap, Crystal Yu Hui
2019Analysis of certificate of entitlement bidding system in SingaporeChua, Wei Feng
2020Analysis of effect of water body on temperature and humidity around a building using COMSOLTan, Cheryl
2010Analysis of inorganic ions and trace metals (elements) in Singapore precipitation and reservoir using ICP-OES and IC.Tan, Jocelyn Yi Ching.
2010Analysis of rain and reservoir water using ICP-OES and IC.Toh, Boon Teck.