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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20203D double network (DN) hydrogel-based metastasis tumour modelYew, Eugene Jin
2021Abiotic stress in marchantia polymorpha : transcriptome data generation and morphology under combinatorial stressLim, Peng Ken
2010Abscisic acid regulates hydrotropism through tissue-specific signaling in Arabidopsis rootsAng, Xiang Ling
2012Absolute quantitation of major human tear proteins using multiple reaction monitoring (MRM)-based mass spectrometryHu, Weishan
2014Acquisition of aneuploidy in evolved Candida albicans strains increases their fitness in the murine gastrointestinal tractTan, Alvin Yong Quan
2011Actinomycin D induces non-random apoptotic DNA breakpoints in human leukemia HL-60 cells.Lin, Lifang.
2014Activation and regulation of IL-1β family of cytokines by EV71 infectionAw, Ashley Jong Ghut
2011Activation and regulation of IL-1β in dengue virusNafisah Zakariah
2014Activation and regulation of the ERK pathway by enterovirus CVA16Lee, Gladys Yu Lin
2013Adaptation of an influenza virus strain to a new host.Wee, Yen Yee.
2013Adaptive evolution of pseudomonas aeruginosa during long-term co-culture with macrophagesDing, Yichen
2021Adsorption of antibiotics onto microparticles and its effect on marine microbial growth and deathGoh, Jamine Ying Min
2009AFEX optimization of dacotah switchgrass and black locust.Wong, Isaac Yi Siang.
2017Aging and degenerative diseases : understanding neuropathology by the proteomic profiling of temporal lobe extracellular vesicles from a novel tissue-centric approachChew, Valerie Yi
2014The aging effects of serial passaging in neural progenitor cells for in vitro neurodegenerative disease modellingLow, Selwyn Jun Xi
2018An algae extraction protocol test on lobophora variegata and hypnea caespitosaLew, Min Yu
2021Altered interaction between alpha-synuclein and lipid modulates inclusion body formationSyed Ahmad Syed Muhammad Saleh
2014Alternative cleavage and polyadenylation in human CD46Ly, Phuong Thao
2016Alternative splicing during human monocyte differentiationWong, Michelle Mei Su
2012Alternative splicing of ybx1 gene and its effects on dengue virus replication.Lee, Junhong.