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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20191D nanorod-like LiNi0.8Co0.1Mn0.1O2 as a cathode material for Li-ion batteriesLi, Yiming
20182D materials for lithium ion batteriesMuhd Iszaki Patdillah
20132D nanosheets-based composite materials for supercapacitorsKong, Xing Yi.
20193D bioprinting of artificial skin substratesNeo, Richmond Yu Wei
20203D bioprinting of high cell concentrations & cell spheroids to achieve physiologically relevant cell environmentsChua, Cliff Dun An
20203D printing formulation comprising thiol compound and vinyl polymer using SLA technologyChew, Nigel Yi Jun
20173D printing of electrochemical detectorsNg, Candy
20203D printing of keratin hydrogel : optimizationHariono, Enrico
20145-alminolevulinic acid (5-ALA) based photodynamic therapy by multifunctional hollow mesoporous nanoparticles (HMSNPs)Lam, Bradley Yeow Hing
2009Absorption studies of methylene blue on inverse opal titaniaChen, Qijia.
2020Activated bio-adhesives by natural sunlightSyed Ikhwan Syed Ismail Alsagoff
2019Activated bioadhesives for bone repairThng, Jeanette Jun Ting
2012Active scaffold for on-demand drug and cell deliveryNg, Candy Ting Ting.
2020Adapting thermochromic ionogel for the use of solar thermal collectorsThien, Vanessa Hui Ying
2020Adaptive hydrogel substrates for stem cell cultureKwang, Guo Dong
2013Adhesion study for a composite systemTien, Shawn Wei Chong
2015Adsorbent pad selection for colorimetric biosensor of hydration imbalanceGoh, Chee Hong
2020Advanced catalyst for NH3 productionZhao, Liang Er
2020Advanced electrode materials for Al on batteriesPang, Jun Kai
2018Aerogel and ionogel strain sensorsTan, Melissa Siew Ting