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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017The 1876 Chinese Post Office incident : an assessment of the Chinese remittance system and reasons for the incidentCheong, Hua Zhen
20101920年代台湾知识分子运动对民族意识的影响 = The influence of the intellectual movements on nationalism in Taiwan in the 1920’s谢佩婷 Xie, Peiting
20171930 年代的中国软性电影之争 :以《化身姑娘》为例 = The soft film debate in 1930 : case study of “Tomboy”戴嘉慧 Tai, Jia Hui
20091965 年后新加坡小学华文课本中的儿童文学选材研究 = A study of materials selection of children’s literature found in Singapore primary chinese textbooks since 1965钱宝来 Chee, Poh Lai
20141980年代至90年代中国的自由主义理论与实践 = The theory and practice of liberalism in China in the eighties and nineties胡颖婷 Woo, Ying Teng
20112008 financial crisis and stock markets intertemporal linkages across Asia and U.S.Wang, Binzhu; Sun, Ge; Yang, Wanyi
20142013 Malaysian election : an empirical study on strategic allocation modelTan, Sook Rei; Khor, Sook Fong; Chong, Hua Lee
201220世纪80年代新加坡儒学在教育体制内的流传 :以《儒家伦理》为个案研究 = The spread of confucianism in Singapore education system in the 1980s : “confucian ethics” as a case study吴晋琳 Goo, Chin Ling
20103- and 5-year-olds' development of mental states understanding : a preliminary analysis of their daily conversation.Lee, Sharon Song Song.
20113-D films : birth of an artificial world and the new reality.Teng, Angela Li Rong.
201450 shades of white : a case study of what and why preference for skin color is influenced by gender, social class & ethnicityGoh, Chloe
2013"$50 wedding you say?" A look into the motivations and meanings of wedding choices for young Malay couples in contemporary SingaporeNadrah Sadali
201360至70年代新加坡广播电视与话剧的跨媒介交流现象 = The transmedia communication phenomenon of Singapore broadcasting television and theatre (1960s-1970s)蔡沁凯 Chua, Sin Kai
201180年代新加坡华语戏剧营研究 = A study of the Singapore Chinese drama camp in the 1980s何佩珊 Ho, Peishan
201790年代新加坡华文剧场中的审查隐喻 = Metaphors of censorship in Singapore Chinese theatre from the 90’s杨洤斌 Yeo, Quan Bin
201390年代新加坡华语剧场中新一代“华文知识分子”的精神 = The spirit of a new generation of Chinese- language intellectuals in the Singapore chinese- language theatre in the nineties赖业贤 Lye, Nyap Hiang
2009911 事件后的中美关系 :非传统安全的视角 = Post-911 Sino-U.S. relations : in views of non-traditional security庄慧君 Chng, Hui Jun
2015A-not-a questions in Mandarin Chinese : an HPSG accountWang, Wenjie
2015Abjection in Stanley Kubrick’s & Ridley Scott’s films : tracing the roots of horrorTan, Han Sheng
2015The absurd search for meaning : deconstructing the military machine in war narrativesYee, Lecia Yu Ling