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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
200210 task retail service process : a model of customer service excellenceLow, Brendan Shun Wei; Tey, Jack Kie; Siregar Sherwin Parulian Tien
1999The 1997 Asian currency crisisCheok, Mei Fang; Lai, Hung Yin; Lee, Han Hwee
19991998 third annual survey on the risk management practices of unit trusts in Singapore.Koh, Mei Yin.; Tan, Kenneth Toon Ming.; Yong, Khang Hou.
20001999 annual survey of the risk management practices of the unit trusts in Singapore.Lim, Su Fei.; Lim, Wee Kiat.; Yeo, Patrick Boon Ping.
20001999 study on the profile of individual investors in Singapore.Chiang, Jen Yuan.; Chong, Hwee Ling.; Hon, Sze Yee.
2002The 2000 dotcom crash and the lessons for Singapore dotcoms.Goh, Cheow Khoon.; Tan, Boon Ping.; Teng, Siew King.
20072006 competitiveness rankings of ASEAN-10, 31 mainland China and 79 Asian economies.Suo, Yu Xiang.; Lee, Joseph Chia Tat.; Chong, Wei Han.
20072006 revised competitiveness ranking of Indian states and union territories with relative competitive indices of 66 economies of China and India.Lee, Kin Fai.; Cher, Hui Ling.; Zhou, Mark You Chuan.
20082007 revised competitveness ranking of Indian States and Union territories with relative competitiveness indices of 66 economies of China and IndiaLee, Szu Yung; Pham, Ai Minh Ha; Vu, Minh Huong
2013The 2008 global financial crisis : effects of firm characteristics on the performance of Singapore companies.Moo, Ni Ko.; Tay, Xi Wen.; Lui, Vanessa Pei Qi.
20102009 competitiveness rankings of 31 Mainland China, 34 Greater China, 66 China-India and 79 Asian economies.Huang, Pei Si.; Koh, Delphine Yu Ping.; Yeo, Jing Wei.
20102009 competitiveness rankings of ASEAN-10 and 79 Asian economies.Ho, Yew Kuan.; Huang, Huiying.; Wong, Andy Jing Hon.
20102009 revised economic competitiveness of 35 Indian states and union territories with relative competitiveness indices of ASEAN China and India economies.Chia, Kian Yin.; Goh, Wan Ling.; Ong, Ghim Gin.
2012The 2011 proposed revisions to the code of corporate governance, 2005 : impacts and implicationsLe, Nhi Nuong; Hafidh Zulkarnaen; Chan, Caroline Jia Li
199721st century theme parkWan, Siew Wai; Tan, Joai Ching; Lim, Chee Wee
2009$500 credit card : a win-win situation for Singaporean undergraduates & banks? : an experimental studyLai, Winnie Lihui; Low, Ru Yan; Phua, Jiun Hoe
1995The ability of audit reports to predict business failuresAng, Jacqueline Sue Tze; Lay, Mun Ngee; Loke, Oi Lin
1997The ability of bonus issues to signal future dividend movementChu Chee Seng, Chue En Yaw, Png Chin Yee
2013Abnormal returns for codeshare agreements and frequent flyer programme cooperation.Low, Alicia Su Ru.; Koh, Jocelyn Hui Xiu.; Goh, DeAnn Wei Qi.
2003Acceptability of features of electronic interlocutory writingAng, Hooi Sin; Chiah, James Chi Yang; Sia, Su Chun