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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20193D application for learning programming conceptsChen, Zhenni
20173D motion editing for animationChee, Yi Yong
20183D scanning on mobile phonesPeck, Jing Heng
20193D virtual museum design and navigation in VRWong, Johnathan
2020Accelerated big data analysis with deep generative modelsTan, Liang Wei
2017Accelerated feature detectors for real-time vision based applicationBiyani, Divesh
2017Accelerating binary-matrix multiplication on FPGALiwongan, Ricardo Jack
2018Accelerating design space exploration of two-level exclusive cache hierarchyLeong, Leonard Jia Wen
2017Activity monitor and management system on Android using blue low energy (BLE)Ng, Yong Ming
2018Advanced data center infrastructure management systemDang, Vince Xuan Vu
2020Advanced image understanding with deep learning in real-world applicationsShi, Yuxin
2020Adversarial attacks on RNN-based deep learning systemsLoi, Chii Lek
2018Agent-based crowd simulation : a case studyTeo, Zhi Yang
2019AGV scheduling algorithms for container portsLim, Hyun Jeong
2019AI based stock market trending analysisNg, Jun Hao
2020AI based stock market trending analysisChan, Lawann Wen Jun
2020AI based stock market trending analysisGoon, Redmond Aldric Yonghao
2020AI design and development of survival horror gameHuangfu, Qingchuan
2019AI for biological imagesLim, Benjamin Kian Kuan
2020AI-based stock market trending analysisKo, Johann