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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Aiming for the cheap and good : how different healthcare system types influence its cost-effectiveness?Lim, Yang Le
2020Alexithymia mediates the relationship between interoceptive awareness and its facets of self-regulation and trusting and body uneasinessYue, Nicolette Zi Xin
2020Analysing the effectiveness of parent support groups in primary schools as a platform to enhance the involvement of fathers in children’s livesChu, Qin Fang; Ng, Constance Jia Ling; Shi, Ru'En
2020Analysing the reasons for the use of the death penalty in Singapore through Bentham’s utilitarianism : can the noose be loosened?Priyanna Subramaniam
2020Anthropomorphism of God elicits beliefs in tempting fateChua, Felicia Sui Jin
2019Applicability of democratic peace theory in East Asia contextKhor, Sylvia Yao Dan
2020Approach temperament and self-esteem : moderators in the relationship between capitalisation and outcomesS Ashwin Pillai
2019Are two heads better than one? Determining the relationship between spousal synchrony, relationship quality and parenting stress in a neurophysiological contextLim, Mengyu
2020Are we the sum of our experiences? Understanding patterns of misspellings in the context of language experience in Singaporean English Chinese bilingualsNg, Li Qin
2020The art and science behind advertising avoidanceNg, Chee Shyan; Ho, Jia Min
2018The art of blinking : a review of stimuli modality and attention on blink ratesNg, Zhe Xi
2020ASEAN in the realm of refugee protection and human securityTan, Jia Min
2019Assessing fairness of CEO compensation and its implications on income inequality in SingaporeCheong, Wei Qi; Liang, Yi Hui; Yeo, Weimaine
2019Assessing inter-organisational processes towards Singapore’s social service delivery : a qualitative case study on Jurong East TownChng, Isaac; Koh, Jewelle Kai Kheck; Choy, Yi Jie
2018Attachment and savouring on mothers of children with Autism Spectrum DisorderLu, Sharrie Yuyi
2020Attachment style and father-child brain-to-brain synchrony : a hyperscanning studySiti Syazana Abdul Halim
2019Attitudes on gun violence and gun controlQuek, Cherine Ang Rui @ Rinaporn Katiya
2020An autonomous vehicle simulation study : the misunderstood impact of a night driving environment on takeover performanceLee, Lennell
2020Baby don't cry : measuring the empathetic response towards infant cries in a Singaporean nonparent contextNg, Xinyao
2020Behind the screens : an investigation on self-disclosure behavior on InstagramLien, Dylan Tong Li