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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20184 - week alternate : day fasting in young overweight / obese males on body composition & health indicesSim, Da Wei
2018Acute effect of foam rolling on rate of force development in the vertical jumpWee, Jericho Faliang
2017Adapting the tennis split step to improve agility performance in a softball fielding taskSeet, Cheng Howe
2019Analysis of brand recall in FIFA video gamesSeet, Xi Ning
2019An analysis of Instagram as a promotional tool for formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix 2018Yeo, Teck Li
2018Analysis of the correlation of running-based anaerobic sprint test (RAST) with performance on 100m straight and curve runsChan, Joelle Ming Tong
2014Annabel Pennefather : her influence on women in sport in SingaporeHaikal Eiman Supa'at
2018Applications of global positioning systems in footballNg, Joseph Yew Meng
2016An assessment of qualified lifeguards' knowledge and attitudes towards AEDs in SingaporeLim, Ming Han
2017The association between cardiovascular risk factors and high blood pressure in Singapore's youthsAng, Jia Ying
2017The association between physical activity and physical fitness with cardiovascular risk factorsYow, Clifford Jia Jun
2016Association between the functional movement screen and knee valgus moments during a sidestep-cut : implications for ACL injury preventionSim, Sophia Feng-en
2016Athletes’ dispositional self-control, and their perceived influence of officials on their anxiety levelsRaffeei, Nurhakimah
2016Attention and brand recall in swimming events: an eye tracker studySum, De Hui Stanley
2014Attitude toward sponsorship in Singtel Singapore grand prix : its antecedent and consequenceLim, Sut Sia
2016Attitudes of physical education (PE) teachers towards inclusion of students with disabilities in mainstream PE classesQuek, Vanessa Yan Lin
2014The attractiveness of the Singapore sailing federation to sponsorsKhng, Griselda
2018Barriers towards physical activity of different ethnic groups in middle-aged womenBu, Estella Qian Lin
2016Behavioural regulation, causality orientations and motives for physical activity participationWong, Si Ying
2016Biomechanical adaptations to maximalist running shoesKoh, Norman Kim Meng