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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Acoustic levitation for sensitive material handlingKwok, Hao Jun
2013Acoustic performance studies on aerogel-filled honeycomb sandwich compositesZhuo, Kaiyang.
2012Acoustic performance studies on aerogel-filled sandwich honeycomb compositeSeet, Seng Ee.
2016Acquire data with LabVIEW To investigate effect of physical parameters on The performance of energy recovery ventilators in buildingsNgiam, Heng Rui
2009Active control of microdropletsTan, Elton.
2014Active disassembly of devices and materialsLin, Xiaocong
2011Active disassembly of obsolete handphones using shape memory materialsXu, Wei Wei.
2015Active disassembly of polymeric componentsOng, Gerry En Zhi
2019Active disassembly of polymeric materials for recyclingSoon, Kenny Giap Wei
2017Active rollator walkerTan, Zhi Yong
2013An actuating mechanism for evaluation of elbow joint motor functionTiang, Peck Hor.
2010Actuation of morphing structureTai, Chian Tong
2012Actuation of sessile droplets using surface acoustic waveLee, Jia Qing.
2011Adaptation of flight simulator for wind shearTay, Deborah Wyn Jie.
2019Adaptive and flexible robotic pick-and-placeCahaya, Ryan Eka
2012Adaptive np control chart in quality controlLiezel C Ochura.
2012Adaptive technology investigation for supporting adaptive designFoo, Jong Huei.
2013Adaptive UAVPoh, Yze Yang.
2013Adaptive wing and fuselage structure for UAVsTruong, Ngoc Quoc Thang.
2014Additive friction stir processingLin, Longyi