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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Adoption of case-based reasoning for supporting responsive product lifecycle managementHou, Jerrard Weizong.
2009Adoption of RFID for inventory managementLim, Fang Yu.
2011Adsorption characteristics of activated carbons and carbon dioxide systemsAng, Chek Kuan
2017Adsorption characteristics of doped MIL-101(Cr) and CO2 systemGoh, Jia Lin
2016Adsorption characteristics of doped MIL-101(Cr) and methane systemNasirudin Muhammad Tariq
2020Adsorption characteristics of ionic liquid assisted MOFs : zeolite composites and water systemsTan, Caselyn Jing Wen
2018Adsorption characteristics of methane on metal organic frameworksPanoo, Sahil Singh
2018Adsorption characteristics of various adsorbent-adsorbate pairsSoo, Jun Hao
2018Adsorption characteristics of various MOF adsorbents plus CO2 systemsChua, Vivian Ying Qi
2016Adsorption desalination employing silica gel-water systemLi, Chen
2013Adsorption isotherms of ethanol vapour on activated carbon and silica gelSoo, Siew Hui.
2010Adsorption of dyes using activated carbonsCai, Hui Yang
2009Adsorption of volatile organic compounds onto activated carbonLow, Chun Lai.
2013Adsorption of water vapour on silica gelLiau, Darren Chang Feng.
2014Adsorption refrigeration system based on the silica gel-water pairSin, Wai Jack
2013Advanced microchip coolingChua, Boon Tarn.
2017Advanced plasma technology in purification of diesel engine exhaustAng, Ling Kee
2018Advanced sensors for underground infrastructureWang, Aylwin Ziwen
2015Advanced surface finishing of aerospace materials using magnetic mediaNg, Yong Rui
2016Aerodynamic and ventilation performance of sports helmetsKoh, Ryan Han Wei