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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Adsorption of water vapour on silica gelLiau, Darren Chang Feng.
2014Adsorption refrigeration system based on the silica gel-water pairSin, Wai Jack
2013Advanced microchip coolingChua, Boon Tarn.
2017Advanced plasma technology in purification of diesel engine exhaustAng, Ling Kee
2018Advanced sensors for underground infrastructureWang, Aylwin Ziwen
2015Advanced surface finishing of aerospace materials using magnetic mediaNg, Yong Rui
2016Aerodynamic and ventilation performance of sports helmetsKoh, Ryan Han Wei
2014Aerodynamic data generation and design support for solar UAV : CFD for aircraft loadsMuhammad Fursham Mohd Zubir
2012Aerodynamic investigation of biplanar wing configurationTieo, Jing Jin.
2015Aerodynamic optimization and drag minimization for the ultra low cost UAV piquero aerodynamicLiu, Hao
2017Aerodynamics and flight stability analysis of a 3D printed UAVTan, Tracy Wen Chee
2011Aerodynamics investigation of MAV with flexible wingZeng, Zibin
2020Aerodynamics of a carYeong, Dun Jie
2012Aerodynamics of marine vesselsMuhammad Al-Muzakkir Kamsani.
2013Aerodynamics of shuttlecocksChia, Jiun Wei.
2009Aerodynamics of unconventional airfoilsNg, Bing Feng.
2010Aerodynamics of unconventional airfoilsTee, Kok Heng.
2010Aerodynamics of unconventional airfoils - actuation force of variable cambered airfoilChan, Adil Arif.
2018Aerogel composites : an investigation of the effects of temperature degradation and potential modificationsAbirajan, Karthigesan
2012Affective design of carsSun, Hang.