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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Numerical simulations of vortex ring leapfroggingGao, Zijian
2019Numerical studies of riblets in duct flowChua, Yu Zheng
2009Numerical studies of thermal flying height control slider in hard disk driveChan, Ze Wei.
2018Numerical studies on engineered smoke control and fire suppression system for underground vehicular tunnelLee, Jia Sheng
2020Numerical studies on engineered smoke control for large flat space with low ceilingNg, Jasmine Shiou Yuan
2017Numerical study of a partial differential equation as an extension to the classical solution to oscillating wall problemsZhan, Mengke
2017A numerical study of a wall-driven tornado flameLim, Lincoln
2014Numerical study of chilled ceiling air-conditioning systemToh, Siang Hui
2015Numerical study of cool roof on heat transferKwan, Gladys Yin Siong
2011Numerical study of skin friction reduction by optimized wall oscillations in a turbulent boundary layerChan, Nicholas Keen-Onn.
2013Numerical study of solids with micro-structuresGo, Qing Ming.
2018Numerical study of the aerodynamic properties of a flying, rotating disc-wingChong, Chuan Yao
2012Numerical study of turbulence structures affected by body forces in a turbulent boundary layerAbhilash Paul
2018A numerical study on bio-inspired aerofoils oscillating in tandemChua, Kok Nam
2017A numerical study on effects stress and displacement on abdominal adhesions during palpations to be used in tactile sensingNur Thaqifah Mohamed Taha
2012Numerical study on materials with micro-structureLui, Zi Yee.
2020Numerical study on materials with micro-structuresCheng, Xin Wei
2017A numerical study on supersonic jet flowsWang, He
2012Numerical study on three-phase composite materialsSim, Shaun.
2019Numerical study on wavy interfacesTham, Yong Kin